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When I think of cool jeans Balmain are the first to come to mind. Worn by pretty much every celebrity these have become the standard to which all other jeans are held and are the signature must have item by Balmain.

While cool there are definitely a few things you need to know about Balmain jeans. First is you NEED to try them on in store. Living in Toronto we have 1 store that carries these and sell out of my size over the phone before they are even in stock. Having never tried these on I ordered a size 30 (my size in Saint Laurent) online from

Little did I know the waist runs large, and being 100% cotton without any stretch these were 2 sizes too big. Not only did I mess up the size, I didn’t realize these were a strait cut as opposed to the tapered Saint Laurent fit I’m used to. Why not return them? Because they were on sale. I should have known because Balmain jeans never go on sale…(at least back when I got these).

After at least 3 trips to the tailor and me kicking myself each time I finally got a fit I could live with only to realize I still had problems. These jeans are THICK and STIFF. Being 100% cotton and made in Japan they didn’t mess around with the quality of the fabric. Good luck wearing these if it’s not chilly outside, they’re just too hot. Another issue I didn’t realize would be a problem are the back pockets. I keep my phone and credit card in my pockets and it’s just too uncomfortable to put them in there with the zippers limiting the opening and size of the pocket.

So… just to recap. Nothing but problems with the fit, thickness, cut, practicality of the pockets, and the stitches at the knees no longer line up because I had to taper the leg (all my fault for not trying them on in person). So what do I think of these jeans?

I still think they are the coolest pants I own. Would I rather get a pair with 2% elastane and thinner fabric? Yeah I would. Would I get a pair with normal back pockets instead of zippers? For sure. But they are cool. Wear them with a leather jacket, blazer, boots, it doesn’t matter. The fabric quality and construction are top notch as you would expecting coming from Japan. The famous ribbed detail at the knee isn’t just for show, it stretches when you bend allowing you to move more easily in such stiff thick pants. Another thing I like (living in Toronto anyway) is I have only ever seen 2 other people in Balmain jeans. There just aren’t that many people with real ones and I like having something unique (until Balmain does their H&M collab and everyone has a pair that looks like mine).

Despite all the problems I’ve had I still like these pants. I wouldn’t get this pair again but these won’t be my last Balmain’s.




Are they very skinny or rather loose?

Omar Jackson says:

hey felix i dm’d you on instagram.. but what do new season balmain jeans say on the zippers? YKK or Balmain? or nothing at all?

Swaggy _ Kyng says:

cop a white nike wind breaker ,light blue Balmain, and the alternate 6s

VLONE says:

Its Bal-Mahn, not Bal-mayne

Tyler Skelton says:

Really appreciate you uploading reviews of high fashion clothing. Whenever I buy things online it’s kind of a gamble with seeing how it feels, lays, looks on you etc.

C V L I I says:

Cool vid your background music kinda sound like redbone childish gambino

LC DF says:

Hi, are your Saint Laurent jeans are same size as your balmain jeans??

Yung Braap says:

Dis faggot ass nigga can not rock dos denim he gotta be saggin dos jeans and wearing wit some jordans

TheRealEmLp4ever says:

Hey I have a pair that I want to get tailored and I was wondering can the tailor like screw up the jeans if they need too much tapering ?

MostLItVids Kev says:

i have the same issue it runs big in the waist, did the tailor have to cut the side seam?

LOB x TDG says:

it rubbing against your knee has nothing to do because of the rigidness your shit is just tight asf bro…

Tavis Crite says:

Feliex how do they fit do the run small or true to size

blackericdenice says:

You must be over 30 because you in those jeans made me nauseous.

Max Donos says:

Hi. Would you please let me know what kind of thread, do you think, is used in the back of the ribbed section of your jeans. Is it elastic or non-elastic? Thank you.

Ho-young Kim says:

I just got a Balmain jean, it’s fit as much as I thought. How much do you pay for it? and where?

Zachary Alexander says:

bruh don’t wear them again. them jeans are way to tight on you… your nuts can’t breathe looks a lil geeeeeee

Dominic Johnston says:

they look gay mine are better

MrAnymeansnecessary says:

what exactly is elasticin? it aint what would be in them jeans, mr smarty fashionable pants. *elastane

mati. lee says:

Really complete review! You should do a review of the slp jeans youre comparing it too.

AVRON C says:

You look retarded

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