Balmain Destroyed Jeans Replica Unboxing/Review

Balmain Destroyed Jeans Replica Unboxing/Review
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I ordered up to 36, usually wear 33 so they’re a little longer but the waist is probably more of a 34/35 so it’s comfortable.


Robin Jönsson says:

Man, they got the jeans in again on the site. There is a size chart above the pictures but I dont know if I should follow it or just got for my normal size. I’m a eu 32 and around 91cm around the waist. What do you think? Please help.

TheMickalekale says:

Can’t believe niggas really be buying this fake as shit.

Lil Bibby says:

If you buy this shit you’re a fucking bum . If u can’t afford real balmain then don’t even bother . Why look like u got it when you really don’t . Sometimes You can catch some Pierre balmain on sale for like $500

Mark Morales says:

Are all the stores on trustable?

Monie Fly says:

aliexpress link removed. please solve

Jamen Rowland says:

If you buy real designer your a sucker lol. Cost the company $10 to make and they fuck u over selling them for $1,000.

sonje moore says:

How do u find out the length

Slick Hair Fast Hands Iron Chin says:

im usually a 31 x 32 in jeans what do you recommend in these

Thinker Haist says:

The knock offs I get look WAY better than that…


Just buy real ones

MsCalt says:

Very boring..

maison marson says:

can i ask the fit of these? are they slim?

richhomiedslime says:

damn, looking dope

baal says:

lol at replica balmain jeans smh

jairo velasco says:

How do they fit? I’m looking for similar jeans but not too skinny or not too slim

Sam Muniz says:

Do these run true to size?

Chauncey says:

hows sizing on replica balmain…i heard the authentic run a little small…u usualle have 32-34W and 32L so size 34 should be fine or do i need go go bigger….i want that slim tapered fit but not like leggins snug

Fas In says:

What was the price

Jaimie C says:

I’m a 36 but I don’t want it to fit too skinny I should get a size 38? Will there be a difference ?

Asole Hem says:

Those jeans were probably glued in

Ramon Jansen says:

I have jeans size 36 Inch do they fit like a slimfit ?

OGSneak says:

How much were they bro ?

king troy says:

these must he f quality looks no where near the real deals good lord that china shit is horrible

GameplayBy Alex says:

How do you fix the plastic?

Maknah says:

by the way its pronounced ball-mon

DeJon Xavier says:

Authentic Balmain Jeans for sale on my page.

Sean Savage says:

How much and how long it took to ship ?

Moses OTB says:

My reps look wayyy more icey. I pay around 80-100 for each. I can tell you got yours on the low.

Jakwon Dean says:

Where the link ??!

HOUNDS says:

I there any stretch to the jeans or is it stiff denim? Please let me know thanks man

Ewen Cameron says:

I’m usually a 32/38 what size should I buy?

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