ARE THOSE BALMAIN JEANS?!? | Truth & Logic Jeans Unboxing | Review | On-Body Fit

Thanks for tuning into the channel guys. Hope you enjoyed the vid.
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-Quintana remix by Travis Scott ft Migos
-3am in Cape Town (Swag Worth a Mill pt.3) by Casey Veggies


bb33 guap says:

son,why you wear them like that

Ousmane Barry says:

They are fake it’s supposed to say bailmain Paris in the back

Shane Murphy says:

those are dope, but no reason to flex hommie

jahzaiha says:

Those are not even balmains its suppose to say balmain paris fake ass jeans

Mac BLK says:

aint rockin em rite

JahReviews says:

Does anyone know if the next restock will be anytime soon?

sexychanman says:

Nice jeans I want but what size should I get do they run small I usually wear 34 but I’m 180 pounds and 5/7 height what size you think

Asha Rozier says:

those jeans nice

Mckenzie Gage says:

they look cool but once he put them on he made them look like a 12 year old boy pair of jeans

Yung Kihh says:

Does it say where its from ?
How much does it cost?
What site u got it from?
I think of gettin one ion wanna get som fake shit on Amazon

Willson Juanis says:

Nice jeans! Rugged wear and I think it’s fit on me.

Jahmar Clark says:

these ate nkt Balmain

Fag Fagertson says:

You guys know any designer jeans from 150-450 besides rocks and trus?

jerzeyDevil jerzeyDevil says:

what shoes are the red Nikes on the top row above the Jordan 4 oreos?

Jrue Jones says:

Talk way too much damn

CharLIEzsDAD Zelejerk says:

VERY gay!

Zack Ybarra says:

Not to talk shit on you or your video or anyone that makes shit like this. Cuz I obviously came across your video while searching for something with,in the same area of search that your video post was on… but this (These Jeans) is the 100% percent definition of a motha fuckin “”HYPE BEAST.” HYPE BEAST CAN BE ANYTHING NOT JUST KICKS..

But ya, this type and style of Jean has been around for such a god damn long time and I guarantee (unless your from Europe or a biker yourself that has worn these prior to the 2014-2015 years) u came across some type og celeb wearing these(Idk let me name one fuckin kanye) u got a pair cuz u were thinkIng oh shit those r so dope… “i wanna be like every other midclass person and like every upper class person (like kanye) and buy these super sick, cool, gnarley, farout, jeans blood..” damn I gotta cops me sum of demz.” You probably sounded just like that when u saw Justin Bieber wearing them in his fuckin idk. Fuck a Justin beeper anyways…

Hold up what am I even talking about.. I totally forgot .. anyways

will be available on itunes….
Tomorrow 8PM Est.

H T says:

should be called rip off balmain black jeans, hate shit like this 

Charlie Doe says:

Are fake Balmains the new fucking trend?

ThatGuyJames says:

The most I’d ever spend on jeans is 60 dollars, That’s why I stick with my Levi 511s

Jorge Torres says:

Fuck ur balmaim rip offs.

RON to COOL says:

you are jew me to nigga!

Evol_AF says:

Definitely look Fresh, but i woulda went with ur True size cuz they look a little big, and Denim always stretches.

David Alonso says:

Those are Hella distressed

Jonte Outen says:

Prolly the best review on YouTube

Lars V says:

No one ever reviews legit BALMAIN Denims…


And i thought True Religion was as ugly as it got


morherfuckers makeing others rich for shit made in slave shop for pennys an hour rhe fucker that dont know the value of a dollar go buy it the call under confidense people

Wille Wallin says:

Really appreciate the video man, what size do you think I should go for if i´m 6ft 183cm tall and want a skinny fit?

FlamboyantChamp says:

these are fake my friend …

Yung Chris says:

Hey can someone tell me if my balmains are real i just bougt some with tags brand new the material isnt stretchy but just a tad bit
Someone let me know if they can tell me if they are real are not and tell me where i cam send pics

cortez says:

Have you heard of Belstaff and Balmain? If you like those style of jeans, Belstaff and Balmain is your future.

Belstaff Jeans:

Balmain Jeans:

gsecc says:

One of the few good reviews on YouTube

DeShawn Bell says:

can any one inform me on the look outs of fake balmain jeans

Lotta Krap says:

These are fake. Balmain retail for over $950

00lil-draco00 says:

Migo DAB!

MilkyCamps says:

Honestly not even hating. This is just as bad as buying fake Jordan’s in my opinion. They are an obvious Balmain knock off. Wear what you like obviously but they are fake bikers I hope you realize this.

SMSV2008 says:

You need more enthusiasm man. I feel like you’d be super popular if you became a better speaker. Just some constructive criticism

Jonathan Belfort says:


harken says:

What kind of zippers? RiRi?

Ghost Baby Sisters says:

I like the jeans and they do look like good quality. There are a lot of people who live in the hood, and no offense to the hood, but shame on all of the people who spend thousands of their dope money, rent money, and burger king checks on these name brands, and then turn around and talk shit about someone they don’t know. If you have millions of dollars or even a six figure income and growing, then I get it, but if you don’t then stfu! Who has Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA)? CD’s(there are many different kinds for those who don’t know?) Stocks? Bonds? Shit that matters! Anyone? I do!!! Life insurance policy for when your ass gets your head blown off for those $1,000 jeans?! Long-term Care insurance(LTCI) Living Will in place, durable power of attorney(DPOA) just in case you become a fucking vegetable? Body guards? People need to get their minds right before talking shit about what someone else is spending their money on. What are you investing yours in? That’s the question! No shade!

Vallen Goldshmidt says:

nice your jewish like me

Jaye Campbell says:

Bro, These are so sick. They were all sold out when i clicked on the link. anywhere else i can find them or something just like it?

Michael Woodruff says:

You have a Pussy if you spend over 1000$ on one pair of jeans

Cuffy Bannaz says:


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