AD Killa Ink Suggests Freezing Designer Jeans For 48 Hours

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Atlanta vintage specialist/gold enthusiast/brand ambassador, AD Killa Ink, sits down with DJ Smallz and suggests freezing designer jeans for 48 hours and why.

What do you think about AD Killa’s suggestion? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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Kyle Ratney says:

He can’t pronounce the designer to save his life

мαgιcσ says:

Powerful niggatry at work

bob smith says:

i was not expecting this I don’t know what to say

Smash Adams says:


Paid Cheese says:

Bal-MAIN not bal-MUN u dumbass off-brand Kid Rock

Robertiskool007 says:

sadly iv washed my balmain 🙁 didnt know you could put em in the freezer smh!!

Andrew Cabrera says:

Cold does not kill bacteria it simply preserves it even at below 0 temps ,

DatAsian says:

I thought heat disinfects things

Jhon Goodman says:

Levis too?? Yaaaaaaas

salmonfaky says:

if you washed them it would disinfect them and take less than 48 hrs

Niki 9ine says:

Someone summarize this video for me please I don’t want to watch the whole thing

Whyou Chrippindoe says:

who TF is this dude? lol


this is common knowledge ffs

Garekin Nalbandian says:

he’s right tho bacteria die at freezing tempeture. That’s why you can keep a steak in the freezer for 20 years and it’ll still be good when you thaw it

thenewgoddamngambit says:

I have put expensive shoes in the freezer for damn 20 years…

HATE08MANE! says:

I hate when I get shit stains on my designer jeans

T B says:

Doesn’t wanna look like bum but drinks lean everyday and uses red solo cups

Fck Them says:


Mark Aff says:

wouldn’t they be all wet after they come out of the freezer? does the dryer fuck them up ?

Colby Perry says:

This is actually some real shit

Maynardj says:


Christian Atkinson says:

WTF did he just say put jeans in the freezer Bruh he must be on crack  talking about putting them in the freezer disinfects them so does  washing detergent and washing them in cold

MegaDodgers13 says:

“I creep em krispy”

Phil Farmintino says:

cornbalian lolol

cloud 9000 says:

Dude just wash ur fucking jeans smh

Porch Life says:

You’re disgusting

Elric the Impaler says:

Same works for stinky shoes.

Strykur says:

Something strange is going on in this part of the YouTube world….

Patchouli Colt says:

Home freezers can’t disinfect.

Life Hacks says:

I like to season my jeans with a little garlic and a pinch of salt and cook em at 400 for 25-30 mins. Nawmsayin

Trap Ocean says:

y does he look like he came out of 2012

C Anon says:

my jeans smell like fried chicken crumbs……

Murray Herts says:

Freezing does kill some bacteria but definitely not all, please do not use freezing as a cleaning method.

Nigel Thornbury says:

That’s dumb as fuck. Disgusting.

BootyEnthusiast says:

smart tip coming from a…. well never mind

Red Tommy says:

Heat kills bacteria not cold u fucking moron

Alpha Centauri says:

The freezer kills some bacteria, but many bacteria evolved to survive at low temps, and the bacteria that live repopulate like crazy as soon as the jeans warm up. Washing them is more effective. Also, a freezer can’t remove stains and spills.

Lil Cammo says:

balmon? thought it was balmain

evolkuf hellafornia says:

Yea he fresh

miguel rojas says:

if you got some nasty literal ass smelling jeans freezer won’t kill that I don’t think

Garekin Nalbandian says:

Or you can dry clean em if they get dirty lol

maddashometown says:

Lol dude walkin around with some crusty ass smelly frozen designer jeans on lmao

bonghuitz says:

freezing jeans doesnt kill bacteria you stupid junky fuck lmao

UseYourBrain says:

Nigga a freezer doesnt remove dirt stains or smell. Dude probably smells like shit

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