$50 JEANS VS. $1000 JEANS

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Kenken Rednalloh says:

when 50 for you is your really expensive

Alex Fuentes says:

Where can I buy top man in store lol

Porshé says:

“Distressed jeans are supposed to look more casual”

Guru Sandhu says:

Haven’t even looked in the comments yet but some broke as nigga gonna say who the fuck would spend 1000 on jeans and he needs to shut the fuck up because not everyone is broke af as that nigga

Rice Is Random says:

Yeah “The jean fabric”… denim

Róbert says:

You can easily see the YSL tag

Isaac Santos says:

Dudes got like 10k worth of shoes in the back lmao

Ruben Galicia says:

“It’s real jean”

Neva2Bizy says:

I want some money in my pocket.

Siracha Bottle says:

These speda r saying the texture and shit like no way ur gonna psy 1k so u can feel comfy the fuck there’s jeans that r comfy for like 60$ bruh its the company LOL I wouldn’t buy expensive jeans tho they all look the same its not like u can flex by s small tag and stuff idk. I’d pay 50-150 for jeans

Bryan Torres says:

I swear do u live In Washington?

TheComet says:

Meanwhile I hunt for $30 jeans at my mall

ThatGuyWhosWhite says:

Ayee South center


The little engine that could

HypeBeast says:

My nigga she didn’t even know what jeans are made of smh

Hrvoje Max says:

80% of the price is the name…YSL jeans cost at the most 200$ 800 for the name

赵尔东 says:


370HSSV says:

5:23 ditress ?

Amin Samnani says:

1000 Dollar jeans who buys crazy that’s 60 k Indian Rupees

Swifty.kingg says:

Cut ig X.

Jacob Clement says:

If you buy designer hoping people care you seriously retarded.

NOBODY says:

What kind of shoes are those in the top left corner shelf?

Ethan Sague says:

Richie where did you get that bomber? It’s so dope!

Jenna Star says:

My cheapass even thinks $50 is kinda pricey but I could tell which jeans were the name brand right when I seen them.

Marcos Pootman says:

Is 50$ a low price for jeans?

jdmanisdope says:

That fat bitch on the right at 3:42 saying she could tell they were designer the at 4:01 saying she could tell they were designer smh make up your mind

Sir Jason says:

“jean fabric”

Alex Cao says:

Ion even needa watch the video. The answer is “nah”

Vincent Hayes says:

Who would spend $1,000 anyway on some ripped up pants

Dark God says:

Let me get this straight…. You fucking paid $1000 on jeans that look like they came out of the dumpster. I hate wearing jeans with holes in them or that are frayed. I don’t understand why people deliberately rip their jeans, or why they buy jeans with holes in them. Rich people wanting to look poor by buying ragged out jeans, and poor people wanting to look rich buying clothes that know they can’t afford WTF?

omar machado says:

Bruh you gotta get yourself that golden denim jeans they’re so comfortable and have some dope distressing and designs

Anthony Smith says:

Levis is best for cheap jeans

Knot Eric says:

They got bulls girl in this video l

Jake Riley says:

$1000 for holy jeans not paying $100 for jeans without holes

FlitzeroxRBLX1 Youtube says:

Balmains vs h and m xdd

Random viewer here no matter says:

Bitch I get mad spending $30 on American eagle clearance jeans dafuq

A7VP says:

Bitch said she wants to show off the brand, that’s hella boujie. Only broke people try to show off in brands

Savvy Luis says:

I mean, I have Levi’s 511.

Yakai He says:

The fit of the SLP jeans are so freaking tight

Chuen Yang Chen says:

I would take both and run.

t dog xo says:

can someone tell me the full name on the Ysl jeans. Like where i can find them?

Bucky Love says:

check out my jeans. they are super fucked up and have strings hanging out. $1000 because i am better than you

TripleAceAAA says:

who cares about that colour of the fade and the bigger tears…
so less fabric more tears, cost more? fack off lol

I rather buy 20 topman jeans vs that useless 1000$ one …so useless lol

MLG SQUAD! says:

Bigger hole more money

Corey Gilmore says:


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