2017 Dsquared2 Jeans Unboxing & Fit Review

Dsquared2 jeans unboxing & fit review is next up! See below for a summary of all the details of the Dsquared jeans reviewed in the video.

Dsquared2 Skater Jeans
Total RRP: £445 (breakdown of prices below)
Delivery: £6.50

Purchased directly from Dsquared2, customer service was good and the jeans were well packaged.

As you can see from the video, the jeans are slim fitted. If you have larger than average legs you may need to go a size or two up. If you get the chance to, I would recommend trying them on in person.

Watch the full video to hear my personal opinion on the pros and cons of the Dsquared skater jeans. Feel free to share your experience in the comments too!

Watch out for the real vs fake Dsquared2 jeans guide coming soon too! In that video I’ll be showing you a few details to look out for when you are wanting to purchase authentic Dsquared jeans.

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Da Dawg says:

I bought one time red monkey jean 400 a pair, really its all bout stunting on them bish mfers. Cause my levis denim feel better

live1thedon says:

these jeans suck bro.balmain biker jeans are best.cheers for the review.dsquared jeans remind me of diesel jeans.they are average at best.

Bob Moor says:

Excellent video, Maybe you need a logo? I’m a graphic designer, I can make a logo for you absolutely free. If you need logo, just go to my channel https://youtu.be/M_AYRJ55iI0 and write in comments about this. Good luck)

Max Marcinek says:

These Jeans Look Crazy (Love )

Black Guy says:

look like theses for gay mfs

A D says:

Plz, do real vs fake Alexander McQueen skull scarf.

Daniel Whyte says:

Dsquared2 Skater jeans are tight same goes for kennys and twists
Get the MB or the worker or you want a softer and relaxed look

Khanh Ho says:

I can’t imagine people spending that much money on jeans. I’m lucky to live in a garment center where clothes–especially jeans–get rapidly discounted. I normally get 300-500 dollar jeans for 20-50 bucks. I won’t spend any more and for that price, I’m getting Robins Jeans, G Star, Acne and all kinds of selvedge from Japan.

anthony wade says:

I love them styles beautiful nice tight fit that’s what I like

LilPullOut TV says:

why you sagging bruv

Da Dawg says:

Now I think back.unless it’s stitched in gold with rose gold patches diamond buttons,then yes I can see paying 4/5/6/7 hundred dollars .my Levi’s are the shit.qnd I pay up to a hundred if I hit the mall,but around my city we haveTJ.Max,Marshall’s,Rossini there I pay 20/30apair,sometimescheaper

KING D. says:


Jeeper D says:


jetski Dex says:

Yeah they look sick, a monkey for denims is a madness though..

Sam Geurdi says:

Bought a pair of Dsquared2 Hawaiian grunge style 15cm. It’s just a crazy fitting with its red white paint droplets and torn up patches. Pricey as hell and I had to go up one size in waist for it too not so keen in over paying for clothes but it was worth it for this pair and they feel very comfortable.

William Liming says:

A closer look looking kinda thicc no homo

sareh minasian says:

great job! as a former big fan of D2 i must say now,that dsquared is the new ed hardy.no style,no shape and expensive as hell.the twins are on the best way to destroy their good reputation. only overhyped soccerplayers (in europe) are wearing this kind of stuff.

Bij de 1000 abbonees een video says:

I love ur channel much information! Keep up the good work

ali bombali says:

Where can i buy those?

linuso jr says:

hey, i have a similar pair of dsquared2 denim. The denim is very tough at the beginning, due to the amazing quality. if you feel that the jeans are too stiff, they will get soft and comfy after a little bit of use. nice video btw!

Rezwan Sadat says:

That looks gd but no comfort at all..waste of money..you should buy PRPS jeans or D&G jeans.they will fit u perfectly..or Balmain..

Axo says:

Can you do a gucci hat real vs fake ?

Scary Terry ! says:

Do the dsquared2 icon t shirts and sweaters G

episodeofsean says:

keep it up!

ABU 98 says:

do you feel like a mug when you pay delivery on a 400 quid pair of jeans

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