$1000 Amiri Jeans vs $14 Jeans: Don’t Believe The Hype

Complex’s weekly series Don’t Believe the Hype takes a look at what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. One of the most hyped and expensive pair of designer jeans are made by Amiri, ringing up for around $1,000 a pair. Rappers like Future and A Boogie love them, but what if they look just like a pair of jeans you can buy for $14 at H&M? Find out if Complex staffers think the designer jeans are equal to their value, or just washed out in this episode of Don’t Believe The Hype.

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Alex Tomas says:

That H&M ad was funny as fuck stop being so sensitive

Philip Deighton says:

Best jeans without a doubt are from represent uk. Extreme quality for £100

Panzerfrank1984 says:

Would have been cruel but hilarious if they gave the dude the $14 pair in the end to see if he could really tell the difference.

Johnuel Collado says:

Fuck H&M for sellin 14$ jeans exclusively for small bitch ass niggas

Johnster7107 says:

There’s a huge quality difference. Not saying it’s worth it but of course the amiris are better.  Especially the quality of the distressing makes a huge difference.

Shiv Palpatine ma ninja says:


UncleTHOBZ says:

The number of times he said “Future, Justin Bieber and most importantly A Boogie With The Hoodie!”

etah ghreg says:

free joe budden

ilke Altundag says:

Is he in love with Aboogie?

scott bigman says:

Love these segments

Reel Deal says:

I’m black and idgaf I wear H&M all day everyday

daniel rodriguez says:

I like balmains better but they both nice just the ones u chose for the vid where average

Owen McLoven says:

Is Kanye the next Oj Simpson?

Sean Mathews says:

I wouldn’t just throw 1k on the jeans however, if I have money dedicated for jeans then yes. I would still need to try the jeans but I’m convinced that they’d be comfortable and fitting.

brenton catfish says:

Expensive clothing companies get a little bit of edge when they are able to prove how their clothes are worth more money, it’s been done before with shoes, specifically when talking about the materials etc for example with: Sport shoes and sneakers lol as well as waterproof jackets but yeh.#Smart.#Business.

mrmegastone1 says:

They tight as hell

huh says:

All you dirty niggers getting mad at complex about h&m

Pasquinel van der Leest says:

If I’m gonna spend a stack on jeans, it better be balmains

Tony McQueen says:

Never say Never! If you had the coins and weren’t living paycheck to paycheck you’d pay any amount for whatever you like/love. I used to say that I’d never spend over $100 on a pair of shoes. That’s when I made minimum wage tho! LOL I just bought my first pair of shoes that were significantly over $100 and my pockets ain’t hurting! Nah mean?!

Cash Carti says:

Nikey tech boyz


Why you still rocking with H&M – giving them free views. SMH

MP says:

don’t even say H AND M

Serobik says:

We want joe back

JDEliteAE says:

This nigga doing a somersault onto a boogie’s dick.

Mr247star says:

Dude at 1:28 is FINE

David Frazier says:

all i get usually is Levis so 30-50 dollars

FPSFnatic says:

0:32 joli oli?

Sarena says:

I know this nigga is not wearing h&m jeans after what we just went through

J.J. Carr says:

They must’ve made this before the H&M ad.

Day Dreamers Visuals says:

H&M paid these guys to promote budget jeans that are comparable to what “BLACK INFLUENCER’s” are rocking at a top tier budget… well played H&M… well played

afro symphony says:

Ahahahahahah speedy why you gotta play tony like that man, after homie put his reverse psychology swag on and shit looooooool the way speedy told him he was wrong made me die of laughter

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