Triple Embellish NYC Biker Denim Unboxing+Review

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F'nWithSonny says:

i can fit a 32 sometimes to

niles t says:

Hey I’m 5’9ish and 145. I usually wear a 32 . Should I stick with that?

Lazeem Taylor says:

I’m 6’1 and usually wear a size 32 what size should I get

MegaMop says:

what are the shirts ur wearing called?

Shawn says:

each pair of jeans are named after a car to give them their individuality. Carrera is a Porsche Venom is Hennessy’s signature car that once held the world record in top speed. theres an Italia pair as a spin off of ferarri’s 458 italia….etc.

Elevayting says:

HyperDenim – check them out bro they have some fire stuff, nice vid tho fam

Malcolm Williams says:

I am 5’9 185  should i get a 34 or 36 in the mulsanne bike denim?

Arturo Anaya says:


Nick Mann says:

I wear a 36 in regular pants and shorts but im 5′ 9″ and wiegh about 190 what size should i get

Lorence .T says:

the first jeans would look clean with some tims

Zacarias Hashemi says:

Hey man I was wondering if this brand had any stretch to their jeans

David hang says:

Hey if im usually a 32 and i prefer the skinny fit. Do u suggest going tts on the black biker denim ? Thabks

brian phuong says:

Your shit

juan gonzalez says:

do they run true to size?

Quin savage says:

If i get a size 28 what height should i Be?

All Hail The King says:

Do the elemento jeans fit tighter than the other ones? I’m looking at the elemento pants on embeliish website right now and it looks much slimmer fitting than the other pants on there.

k1ngm3rk says:

how tall are you bro? this will help me decide what size to get

Blicky says:

I’m 5″10-5″11 ish what size should I get

Louis Haddad says:

where did you get the shelf in the back from?

8ris k. says:

140$ dammm

Gherbo2 150 says:

Do these jeans fit like Levi’s skinny jeans ?

Brandon Fitzpatrick says:

if I wear 38×30/38/32 the 38 should fit ?

BruhmanTv says:

How long did it take for you to get it ? Cuz i ordered mines like a week ago

Chris G says:

For future reference, it is called waxed because they literally wax the denim.. with wax..

Daniel Lewis says:

Did you go true to size in these?

Godwin A. says:

i wear a 32 but ive been told it doesnt stretch and that i should get a size up. how does your size fit you and did you go up?

Ammar Payne says:

Im 5’8 and weigh 133 shouldnt i get a sz 30?

Uncle Ricky says:

isnt that chain from the movie juice?

KickinitwithD says:

What kind of watch do you have on? Looks dope!

mark anthony bondoc says:

Dope vid my nigga.
Im 6ft tall around 180-185 pounds.
don’t want them to look too baggy, think a 34 would work for me?
Boutta buy some off of karmaloop in a minute… can you explain why you only choose the size of the waist and not the length, thanks!

Brian McCarthy says:

Thanks Jason ur a good guy

F'nWithSonny says:

bro i usually wear a 33 34 waist but I’m 5’8! which size should i get when shopping with embellish

Steezy J says:

how much you weigh bro ? and height ?

DemetriAtes Pranks says:

how tall are you and weight are you bought 4 pair offline today all 34×34

Jay's INFERNO says:

whats your height because I’m 5 9 to 5 10 but I always seem to look short with some of my cloths I was wondering if you could tell me about that its just a problem I’ve been having. Thankyou Enjoy your vids :3

blair jonah says:

hey bro I’ve been looking for that necklace do you gappen to have the link or nane of where I can get it? Also dope video man.

Curtis Blake says:

how tall are you?

J. Ream says:

you got some heat bruh, subbed ya

zZyr7ec says:

yo i really have problems with their sizing… maybe because i am from europe but if i am 6’4 what size would you recommend

TheProdigalSon says:

so nice pickups!

Justin Goh says:

I’m normally size 30

Caleb Bray says:

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Jamiya Willamas says:

im about 5’8 and around 120 what size would you recommended

Justin Goh says:

I’m 5’9 and 132 pounds and I want a relaxed fit, should I cop a size 30 or 32?

Nicholas Benschop says:

i’m 5’11 135 pounds what size would fit me?

Pinoy Zoi says:

How do Embellish Jeans fit? I am thinking of 30 or 32 size.

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