The Best Jeans for Muscular Men | Athletic Denim for Fit Men

Fit Man Style:
Denim from the video:
Levi’s 541 –
Gap Athletic Fit –
American Eagle –
Peter Manning –
Other companies to consider:
Barbell – Straight Athletic Fit ($149)
(Made in LA)
Levi Models – 508, 513, 514, 541 (Prices Vary)
DuluthFlex Ballroom 5 Pocket ($59)
Oxcloth Jeans ($115)
Fran Denim – Daniel ($98)
[Made in the USA]
Bonobos Athletic Fit ($108)
Well Built Apparel LTD – Athletic Cut ($100)

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For reference, I am 6’4 usually 170lb. Typical sizes of clothing:
T-shirts: S
Long sleeve shirts/button downs: M
Dress Shirts: 15.5 x 35
Pants: 30 x 34
Dress Shoes: 12

This video is not sponsored. I invited Ian to create a video because I do not have the figure to soeak to this category with authority. Show some love on his channel!

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kangarulzx says:

1:27 trynna get da most bang out of your butt
PS: anyways great video as always lol cant help it

tschelowjek says:

try A&F or BR’s athletic fit. my favorite has to be J.Crew’s though – it doesn’t have too much taper and the rise is quite high

Patrick Heyman says:

The Levis 541s are what I call fat butt/skinny ankle jeans. I can’t stand them. They also go above the waist. The last thing a long- legged, short torso man needs. None of the rest of them really work if you don’t want the jeans to hug your legs all the way down. Like he said, they keep your legs warm…not a good thing in south Florida.

SteamGent says:

Yuck jeans are for working in only working in factory, railroading, construction, or working on your lawn and garden. Tapered jeans are even more revolting……

Fit Man Style says:

Thanks Jon for having me on here as a guest! Had a blast making the video and comparing these brands. More brands to try out in the future!

MPS186282 says:

>see The Kavalier logo
>Ian appears

I had to double check which channel I was watching.

GaryAGalindo says:

Gentleman, trust me these all work if you got thick thighs from enjoying too much food as well. Thanks for a video I can relate too!

Lorenzo Potrich says:

I have a problem with my calves, even in bootcut is super tight!

josh knix says:

I can only wear athletic fit and always looking for a good pair. Thanks for this to both of you guys. Definitely subbing to this guy. I would also recommend to people to look at banana republic. They have some great stretch athletic fit jeans.

B. Tome says:

The 410 Luckys are amazing.

Harrison Richards says:

I’ve had this issue for so long and bonobos has been my go to Jean. I recently found the diesel larkee beex which is really good athletic fit

Allan Diosana says:

I actually agree, the gap actually has really good jeans and pants for the price.

dain forsythe says:

Ian – props- I’m not in the fit man category (although I do work out – just not big) – respect for this video – your change up in mid-vid is totally understandable. I do that all the time in class (I’m a High School English teacher) – you’re on a roll, and you realize, in mid sentence, the reality of the situation so you come clean and throw out your newly realized truth. Cheers! Thanks for this video. Oh, man. I had a similar experience with a Peter Manning product – a bit too small around the waist and the “lower mid section” – if you get my drift (boys unnecessarily visible). Peter Manning is fantastic, though not always on point with the measurements for everyone. Cheers again!

LUCRandom says:

You should definitely check out the Levi’s 502 style. They are regular taper more room for the thighs and tapered from the knees down. I have big quads, and I fit into them no issues. They are usually $39.99 + 20% discount every now and then on the Levi’s website. Best jeans that I have tried, and believe me when I say I’ve tried Gap, BR, Levi’s 511, DSTLD and Levi’s 502 have been the best jeans. Unlike many other branded jeans, I don’t have to size up to fit my quads in them. I usually size up from 30×30 to 32/33×30 (which causes the waist to fit extremely loose) to fit my quads, but the 502s I fit into 30×30, and I still have room in the thighs. For $32 you can’t beat the price!

Aymanali Jumma says:

I feel your pain bro. 24″ quads with 30 inch waist at 5’9″ here. Also a 405 squat at 160 lbs, so can’t complain lol. I have owned the Levi’s 541 in the past and while they fit well in the quads, they do have a baggy opening. Based on my experience, Levi’s 502 and Gap’s Athletic Fit are best budget options for our body type. Both in size 30×30 fit be perfectly with enough room the quads, but nice and tapered leg opening. Personally, I dislike too much stretch in my jeans as they tend to lose shape after a few months of wear. 100% tend to drape the body better and if you find the brand that fits your body well, they can be very comfortable as well. My current favorite pair of jeans are Levi’s 502 Rigid Envy 100% cotton raw denim (they are probably pre-washed once though). After wearing these for a few months now, they have broken in beautifully and contoured to my body shape perfectly. Btw, just discovered your channel and subbed. Finally, a channel that discusses “athletic” menswear on youtube. Thanks for the amazing video bro!

Jeremy Booth says:

Looks like our mens wearhouse promo sign in the back lol.

GSG7 G says:

Levi’s doesn’t have the athletic fit where I live so I had to go with 513 Slim Straight and its still snug around my hips

Garconbleu says:

This guy and I have the same body type, and as much as I love you John, often we are looking for different things in pants and shirts. Still your since of style and mine mesh well. Way to go getting a separate perspective on the channel. Hopefully he will bring you on for a slim version for his followers.

Phoenix Baker says:

I just finished looking into the perfect pair of actual athletic fit jeans, and the ones I just bought but haven’t received yet are the LeftField Atlas Vertical Grain 15oz XinJiang jeans. They look very promising.

john doe says:

You’re buying your jeans way too long I can tell because your cuff on your jeans are to big to be stylish

Sam Evans says:

Great feature! Started following Fit Man Style a couple months ago because I fit his target audience. I think it’s awesome all the style Youtubers are collaborating. Keep it up!

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