dadtopia says:

Thanks for the review. Look forward to the update over time.

Mike D says:

Well done. Thank you. I’m thoroughly enjoying my IH 633s 21’s.

Casey Hassett says:

It’s my goal to work my way through the selvedge up to iron hearts.

Jeremy Kubiszewski says:

I get all my denim tapered and hemmed to where I have a no break to partial break depending on my foot wear. I never really thought about how that looks more formal that stacked and/or cuffed denim. That was a great point you brought up!

Canthonyk21 says:

Great review. I have the 888S in the 21 oz. denim and I love them. Did you happen to catch what shirt that R&H employee was wearing? It was beautiful.

Littlebearsdreams says:

If you want a amazing pair of handmade boots to go with those good looking quality jeans I recommend a American company called Nicks custom boots, OR Franks custom boots, I have Two pairs of nicks boots, and not only is their ach support a lifesaver for your back and body posture, but they also wear for YEARS and look so good the more you wear them, the ware time between the boots and the iron hearts I have have been amazingly similar (except the actual boot regardless of what it fades into over time will last YEARS before you even need to resole them or rebuild them (which they also do at those two custom boot shops, they service your boot whenever you want to send them back to them to be fixed up) you can get any style with any kind of leather, between 7.5-8 oz, They are some of the best boots in the world and I strongly recommend them as a perfect addition to iron heart denim. I have both and im in love.

Devon Sacre says:

why did you choose to buy a new pair when there was obviously so much life back in your other pair? they’re even in the same ball park with being heavy weight. not a judgement just an honest question

paul greenwood says:

Wish I wasn’t so fat – I’d love some of those…:(

wb says:

Love the fit!

brian murphy says:

G’day..Did you try on the size 33 and if you did were they too big? Reckon im around the same size as you .

killamist666 says:

God bless em for doing that for you, Beautiful denim BTW.

Pete H says:

I’m a big fan of Orslow 105’s. More of a straight fit which is more my thing and i love the denim. nice vid.

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