REPRESENT CLOTHING – Jeans Guide – Comparison Old VS New – Fit & Review


Static Form says:

what length are the pants?


What size do you recommend for skinny 178cm body? Please help 😀

Muse California says:

Sick style. Love the vids

Matt Micallef says:

what if u lift ? and your quads and calves are pre big, but not huge. my waist is 32-34 but quads never fit in skinny jeans, u think i could get away w a 38 so my ass, n legs fit in them ?

SkaterAndRocker says:

Do you have any of the destroyer represent jeans? And if you do how do you wash them?

David Bojalil says:

I love these videos!

Babythatsflucci says:

what is up with there size chart I don’t get it. I’m 130 pounds and 5 11. my waist I think is 76 cm.

Clifton Mayhew says:

dope vid!!! Keep it up!!! although i want some pairs for Christmas and in the pictures on their webstie the jeans look really skinny. Im not fat but a little bit big boned i guess, and i was just wondering will it still stack on my “bigger” leg if i go true to size on a skinny jean? Thanks in advance.

Khan says:

Hey James – I currently have a 2nd gen pair of Shadow Bikers (the ones you had in your other vid!) in a 32 and they fit fine – would you recommend going down to a 30 if i’m going to buy a 3rd gen then? Thanks!!

OG Musix says:

Hey James did you get anything from SS16 denim collection?

123 4568 says:

how tall are you? +JamesClo

Chad says:

I wear size 36 Jeans in Zara and H&M to fit my legs even tho my waist size is 32. What size would you recommend for represent? Size 36 as well?

Anthony Fantano's Mom says:

I’m a size 28 what’s the inseam for size 28

Michael Taggart says:

I wear an 34 in Levi’s what size should I go in Represent

Brandon Rivera says:

If I’m a height of 5´6 and usually a 30 should I size down if I want the tapered look

Chris Kak says:

Nice jeans dude

EazyyyyE4 says:

I normally wear a 31, would you recommend going for a 32 or 30 in the new generation

Dylan Jennings says:

Is there any other Distressed jeans brands that are in the UK or available to order to the UK.

Iisthatrandomguy says:

Hey james I got a pair of blue cream biker denim from the represent page and they came in last night. the fit is amazing, the color is on point, and the distress is pretty good, but the biker paneling is different. it’s not your normal pin tucking paneling it’s kind of like the older HM pair of biker denim. it’s not ribbed but more of a bump. did they change their denim again? it’s kinda throwing off my ocd lol

petr says:

is this size 34?

Sebastian Amezquita says:

hey bro, the weist on these jeans have elastine? because i,m size 32 but it fits on me a little strugle, or i have to use size 34? sorry for my english and please answer me, thank yoy


It suck that represent hasn’t been restocking their more desirable denim just the distressed the shitty part is represent’s current distressing is easily some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

lel says:

Wow. Just discovered this channel. Def a sub from me!

Fisnik Abdyli says:

Ive got size 32 and theyre very thight (skin thight on the calves and quads). Now I wanna buy new ones. I want them to have the fit they do on stefan from represent (Instagram: stefan_represent. Theres a pick where he wears the acid blue destroyer denims with white ultra boosts 1.0. thata the fit I want). Should I go 34 or 36?

Alex Jacubec says:

I wear a 30 in embellish biker denim and they’re a little big at the bottom , should I get a 28 in the blue sandstone distressed denim from represent? I’m 5,5 and 135 pounds

Amire Paris says:

How do they fit? Like a skinny fit, slim fit, etc?

zTzAvenger says:

Would these fit me? Im 6.5 and im worried they would be 2 short

Fanqiang Ye says:

The 1st gen jeans (size 30) were a bit too tight for me at the upper legs, you think i’ll fit the 3rd gen jeans in size 30 now?

Mauricio Serrato says:

Very helpful video, thank you so much. thumbs up

Luke Hodson says:

I have really big thighs and smaller claves, im afraid that these would fit me properly. what do you think

Mahola Deathx says:

+JamesClo i’m looking for a pair of represent in grailed / ssense , should i stay true to size for their newest generation of their jeans if i’m looking for a spray on skinny look or should i buy from summit clothing ?

MCLilT01 says:

Hi! Can you give me the exact name or the link of the second jeans that you wore ! I rly want to buy one but im not sure if it is the good one! Thank you mate!!

Chris Kak says:

Wher are those jeans from

gianbrasa says:

its kinda funny… i’ve got 3 pairs of the second generation… and i thought these are the best fitting jeans ever 🙂

TheSkyCactus says:

Bought a pair of REPRESENT jeans and they are absolutely terrible for stacking… They didn’t at all live up to the hype

knightmare456 says:

The main problem with the first generation biker denim was the leg opening was so narrow that some people including myself couldn’t even get their feet through them, I also have some first generation waxed denim, they didn’t have the same problem. I have a few pairs of second gen biker denim and they fit me like your first gen pair, so I think it really depends on how wide your ankles are lol.

Trevor Stewart says:

So if it says their jeans are made in turkey then they have the new taper and details? Because I’m looking at a pair now that I’m thinking about buying

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