Raw Denim 101: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Raw Denim

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In this video professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, explains the difference between regular denim and raw or dry denim. Raw denim is becoming a very popular alternative the normal wash jeans. Learn how to take care, wash and clean your raw denim jeans. How to eliminate smell, care, wear and how to wear your new raw denim jeans. This is denim for dummies. Understanding raw denim and selvedge jeans


Pav W says:

if your balls smell bad enough for it to go through your jeans.. you sir have bigger issues to worry about …

alonzo calvillo says:

You were those jeans two days without washing and they smell? WTF. Did you shit and pee in them?If you go around sniffing jeans you got problems.

Ian Clark says:

this guy is a fckin weirdo

WIllimeace says:

I plan on wearing my new pair of raw denim for only three months then a wash, seems reasonable to me. That or dry clean for a year

phillip stringer says:

raw denim the only way to go guys !!
Like he said not for everyone

dunne00 says:

I done the freezer trick . Deforested my jeans and they smelt okay . A few hours later at a restaurant I could smell my Jean’s they stunk. Never again

Jay Kumar says:

Hey Alpha, long time follower here. There are some inherent problems with wearing ANY new clothes without washing, espcially denim;
1) dyes and chemicals used in any new clothes (especially denim) will be in direct contact with your skin and open pores as your body temp goes up. Lots of science on this, not going to write out stats.
2) garments shipped from overseas are bathed in pesticides because of legal regulations.
3) people try these things on sometimes, and some people are filthy (I know from 7 years of working retail fashion from macy’s to armani).
**HAND WASH at the very least!**

Jesin rock says:

Actually freezing doesn’t help with killing bacteria it just multiplies it … Putting it in an heating path inside out helps in odour control and bacteria killing

Lee Nicholls says:

Replay jeans are the best fitting jeans I have ever bought

Mein_Kunt says:

The freezer thing is a myth, bacteria will just go to sleep, not die… that’s how in labs they keep bactirias.

A.P. G. says:

No,no,no get out!

Alex says:

why doess this guy annoy me so much? is it his voice? his earrings? the fact that his name is alpha? It could be all of the above…

John Doe says:

i paid a homeless man $10 for a pair of amazing vintage unwashed Levis. still havent washed them.

Dustin Allenby says:

Aaron what jacket is that!? I want it

Julian potatoe says:

Potassium permanganate has replaced this concept a while ago. The process give an authentic warn look from new. The jeans are pricey through.

Hana Tanana says:

I love the conceptual idea of raw denim BUT in reality I wash them after about 5 wears (cold water, hang to dry). They still look like new, the way I like them.

NCS926 says:

Very informative video, thank you.

Surf Viking says:

Alpha males don’t need help on how to dress

Tommy Nguyen says:

if your jean stinks after 2 wears/ 2 days… there something wrong… need to hang them up in a cool room or something to air them out at night.

Ian Harris says:

What if I want to maintain the original dark wash? I’ve heard the washing them can basically do the opposite of what you stated here

Tyler McMahon says:

If I saw this guy on the street I would assume he’s gay.

WIllimeace says:

Also if you wash your ass everyday and maybe only wear those particular jeans 3or4 days a week they can’t be that dirty after just a year…

Surf Viking says:

You dye your hair black to hide the grey?

James Burns says:

Wow a young ass Alpha M

pas wal says:

another face review

Dni KL says:

Gross….wash your clothes people. The high cotton content will stretch with wearing…waist, knees, tush. Then you just look like a baggy looser. And you will small…so not kosher with the ladies and co-workers (ps the freezer is a myth and Febreze stinks). If you don’t wash your jeans, you are just like that dog scooting it’s behind on your rug. Salvaged…LOL, using only the straight edge of the salvage is VERY limiting to the cut and style of your jeans.

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