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Today we talk about our top 5 denim brands, how we wear them, and why we chose them.

Our top 5:

1. Levi’s – http://bit.ly/2obBflO
2. Cotton On – http://bit.ly/2nuF9rx
3. Mott & Bow – http://bit.ly/2osDxft
4. Hudson – http://bit.ly/2nuCRJe
5. Railcar Denim – http://bit.ly/2o07Q0P

1. H&M – http://bit.ly/2obqXSQ
2. Topman – http://bit.ly/2obo1p6
3. Paige – http://bit.ly/2obpI5Y
4. Joe’s – http://bit.ly/2objJhr
5. Baldwin – http://bit.ly/2o06xi6

We’ve got all the price points covered, from affordable to the most expensive. Who makes your favorite pair of jeans? Comment below!

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dwiky vinandyanata says:

Nudie jeans co.

aespino91ae says:

No apc’s?

Bob The builder says:

Nudie and apc

Nik Man says:

Dear thunder thighs with the stupid hat avoid skinny jeans not for you

Đỗ Khánh Thiện says:

1. Momotaro
2. The Flat Head
3. Iron Heart
4. Studio D’Artisan
5. Blue Blue Japan

Western denim cant even get close to them

Morel Williams says:

Yea, H&M surprised me. And I JUST got a couple pairs of Mott and Bow. I was reeeally skeptical about the fact they put spandex in their denim, I usually associate the weight of the denim with the quality. But I gave it a try…deeefinitely worth it. Super comfortable, great wash. I might get them hemmed, but that’s something I’m gonna start doing to all my denim. I like how straight cut feels in the thighs, but not how it looks around the ankles. Anyway, thanks for posting!

jo jo says:

1> Strike Gold
2> Iron Heart
3> Big John
4< Pure Blue Japan 5> Nudie/ Imperial
Honorable mention Naked and Famous for fit

Yung Kab says:

APC and Banana Republic for me. I also really like Levi 510s as I have small legs too

Tone Oh says:

True Religion Jeans EveryDay I Get Dressed

The narrow path says:

4.Studio D’Artisan
5.Cult of individuality

Steve on the interwebs says:

Railcar are a really soild choice.

Ron Claridad says:

I like the “no more take two” when George slurr his words, so natural 🙂

Vinh Hoa says:

3×1, prps, iron heart, strong hold, baldwin

colin macdonald says:

if you taper the leg surely you lose the jean seam ??

Marthel Arzate says:

1.American eagle

Nobby Barnes says:

Get yourself a pair of Wranglers and stop being a bunch of girly boys ffs!

Vito Corleone says:

No Japanese denim?

Ábris Garancsi says:


WillC Bass says:

5. Old Navy

4. Iron Hart

3. Cotton On

2. Gap

1. Levi’s.

lavaman233 says:

No mention of APC or ACNE Studio guys?

Dan G says:

Left Field NYC is my favorite

Andrew T says:

lets see the motocycle wear/gear for everyday rides

Harry Brown says:

Levis (Made & Crafted needle narrow, 510, & 501 skinny)
Lee (Luke)
Nudie (Tight Long John)
Acne Studios (Ace)
APC (Petit New Standard)
Naked & Famous
Rogue Territory

H&M, Zara etc….There DENIM-Quality is for garbage

BlackbirdVizion says:

Should try more Japanese stuff! Also you guys mixed up selvege and raw denim haha

Mike Seth says:

How do you get that perfect cuff when you wear your denim? Haven’t figured it put yet. But great vid

Adrian Randall says:

What about PacSun Denim? That’s all the Denim I wear it’s very affordable and comfortable.

Outer34 says:

Found a pair of indigo selvedge stretch jeans on sale for 8$…

Ron Si says:

My pussy wants the guy in Fedora. Destroy it honey.

VenomousGamerYT says:

I’m just getting into nicer jeans and I’m 6ft tall. I play soccer so my waist is thick and my legs look like tree trunks. I recently found a JCrew 484 jean that is somewhat tight in the waist but has a little room to be tailored on the bottom. Off the rack for $100, it’s a pretty good pick up.

Martijn M says:

I’m 5″9 with a narrow waist, wide back, big upper legs and huge calves. So it’s always hard for me to find proper jeans for my body type, since I live in the world’s giant country (The Netherlands). This is why I tend to choose Italian made slim-fit jeans. Diesel, Dsquared2 and Mauro Grifoni have an excellent fit. I also love the American brand 7 For All Mankind.

sf2explus says:

MY top 5:

1) Levis 511
2) Nudie Steady Eddie
3)Edwin ED80
4) Wharehouse and co (selvedge Unsanforized) high end
5) Momotaro G004mb (selvedge one wash) High end

Sujith P S says:

Jack & Jones Anti Fit
Levis 65504
My Picks…

Shahzaib shah says:

Salvage Don’t really mean quality

Raiterio Patterson says:

Naked & Famous? Uniqlo? Nudie? Rogue Territory? Samurai? Edwin? APC? Left Field?

Alex R says:

You guys should do these with everything. Find me some good flannel brands next! Thanks!

BrokeVan says:

Iron heart
Pure Blue Japan
Japan Blue
maybe a Levi or two….
glade y’all mentioned Railcar, that would be my next pair when i can head out and get a custom fit/cut in California.

Evan Seklecki says:

Blake, you have obnoxiously expensive style. Everything you recommend in just too expensive for the average guy. I get that its supposed to be an investment but gahhhh dayuummm

Gavin C. says:

A.P.C. And Acne Studios

koolyo2foots says:

don’t sleep on old navy

Danbo_de_Piano_Part_Deux says:

RRL crazy good quality and vintage styling with ranch and work wear nods which is online w original amd points of jeans, I try to find other brands but no one is as consistently excellent as rrl

ASM says:

Not one Japanese brand mentioned. I guess these suggestions aren’t for denimheads. Check out Momotaro, Oni and PBJ if you want something heavier, unique and has amazing texture.

Noor Hussain says:

Don’t really wear jeans too much as I wear suits everyday. But man I need to step up my jean game I’ve just been buying topman slim fit.

Dr Mundo says:

Try Naked & Famous

Sean John says:

real good again,I might even subscribe if i haven’t yet since i have watched ten of their vids

V S says:

Hey, Good listing for boys, MENS go for raw selvage only off course.

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