MNML Denim Unboxing & Review | S33 and M4 Denim

Today I reviewed a pretty sweet up-and-coming denim brand that goes by MNML. They’re a dope Fear of God alternative for just $64. In this vid, I reviewed two different pairs of the MNML denim; the M4 and the S33. Enjoy and give that thumbs up if you did.

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how tall are you

Ben Perez says:

How long are the jeans they look like they are long.

AO Imagery says:


JayGoon Tv says:

Check out h&m, pacsun, profounf

jortega61924 says:

Where did u get your grey hoodie and bomber jacket?

RickRuth1994 says:

Wear the size 31. I wanna see that juicy ass.

Chris Streets says:

Hey I just bought a pair of pants form them how do you track your order down and how long does it usually take to get shipped to your house

Karl Abuy says:

Yooo thanks g! I’m 5’9 also 165lbs with bigger legs and have been looking for some legit reviews on these jeans cause of the sizing, anyways I have biggish calfs do you suggest just getting my normal size of 32? good looks fam

Darien Vanzant says:

i wear 30 would you recommend going true to size with these jeans?

Ahlexis Sanchez says:

Hi, I’m a 179cm, 55kg, my legs are very skinny. I’m waist 28, would the non-stretch or stretch size 28 fit me?

Jinglebombs7331 says:

Thanks for the video man. I bought the M1’s in a 32 and was considering sizing down to 31 for a skinnier fit but then I found you who has almost the exact same body composition (6 foot, 165 slim but athletic build). Now I feel good about staying to my true size 32. Take your sub dawg, I’ll be using you as reference for your future product reviews lol. Good looks homie.

Alec Garcia says:

Jeans look dope might have to get a pai

mexican batman says:

What’s your regular size in jeans

Krabbs says:

Pick them up from the knee so it’s evenly distributed. It looks really goofy when all the extra length is jammed at the ankle lmao

Mike Rush says:

Nice video!
Do the zippers open when you walk?

Daunt less says:

im 6’2 i want to go with 31′ because if i go up a size its more baggier at the bottom which i really hate. what would you recommend ?

30m3 says:

Try Represent denim. If you don’t like their denim, they make amazing clothes and footwear in general. All Saints denim is good too.

John Locsin says:

Hey man I just purchased the m4 and received them. I tried them out and love them but only issue is the distressing doesn’t land on my knees it lands just below them. I was wondering if yours did the same!

Dylan Vanderwal says:

i’m 6″2 and a half, would a 34 be fine for length?

tony cardona says:

I’m about 5,7 and weight 130 I usually wear a 32 should I got a size up or not ?


hey dope video. i picked up a pair of these last month too and theyre such nice jeans for the price

Spifo Rex says:

Can i get the s33 denim tapered locally for a better fit?

Sebastian Campos says:

Just bought S28 are they nice?

nl832 says:

Great video! what size are the M4’s you have? thanks

Sergeant Fit says:

Nice video. Just ordered a pair. Thumbs-up!

Rainman24_ says:

I’m 5’7 and usually wear a size 32. Should I cop?

Vinny Nguyen says:

I like the skinny fit near the ankles. Would the M4 be right for that?

Ramon Garibay says:

Do they come with a prepaid shipping label for easy returns?

Dom Vans says:

Yo bro I’m 5’10 and usually get a 31 or 32 depending. My calves are pretty ehh and my thighs are somewhat big. What size should I go for?

ernesto cossio says:

I’m 5’10-5’11 I wear size 34-36 what size should I go for??

Naod Beyene says:

Hyper denim is pretty nice to

Anotha Black Experience says:

Dope Vids Nick!

I’m a 34/32 in jeans and was wondering what’s the best size equivalent for the M4 uk fit?

oce says:

those look trash at the ankle

trotcodg says:

I have similar body build and I want a slim tapered but not skinny fit should I size up or true to size in m4 denim?

Luke Smith says:

I’m 5’7/5’8 and 150 but my thighs are big. I wear a size 31 what should I do ? because you said 31 did not fit you. so I am not sure what to do

Jiaxiang Mei says:

What size would you recommend for 5’10” 165lbs?

maayan simhi says:

Hey man, I’m 5’10 tall and about 140 lbs, what size do you offer me to take?

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