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Whats up guys! In today’s video we do a review of a brand called mnml Denim. They sell high quality denim for an affordable price. I review a total of 5 pairs of pants from them, and 1 hoodie. I ordered all of my pants in size 29, and the hoodie in Large. I purchased both of their stretch denim, and their regular denim, to review for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy today’s video!

*If you are ordering from MNML, I suggest sizing down on their ‘stretch’ denim, and going true to size on their standard denim!*

The denim I reviewed in the video:

M1 Stretch (Size 29):

M1 Splash Stretch (Size 29):

M56 Grey Stretch (Size 29):

Khaki Drawcord Pants (Size Small):

M1 Vintage (Size 29):

‘Natural’ Two-Toned Hoodie (Size Large):

Songs used:
Childish Gambino – Redbone Instrumental –

Nav – Myself Instrumental –

Business Inquiries:


Armando Aizparua says:

i have a question, if you are 5’5 134lbs and most of the pair of pants you wear are chinos and are size 31, should i be worried about the 34″ inseam on the 31 size of the M1s or should I go for size 29 (inseam 32″)

Christian Resurreccion says:

i’m 5’8 and 135 what size do you recommend, i’m usually a 30-31

Özgür İstek says:

nice vid bro


Hey man love the videos and I was wondering if you could give me a shout-out

J. Cole says:

Are they super skinny jeans ?

stu art says:

Song in background

Akmal says:

I’m 5’6 , i have slim legs. what size should i get ?

Kong King says:

Hey man, I know I’m too late but.. I ordered a sz 30. I’m 5’8 would that 34″ inseam too long for me?

Tolu Adegbehingbe says:

It really is a struggle out here in Canada eh

JustinBieber VEVO says:

Where can you buy these in the EU? Love you’re vid btw

Michael Ako says:

How can I “shrink” the jeans like you said you kept doing. I have the same problem too with the denim, they are too loose by the calf.

Jeremy Wayne says:

does mnlm deliver in canada?

sergio mauricio says:

I am going to purchase a pair of regular denim and i wanted to know how tall you are for a size reference

songun35 says:

Hi for size reference what is your weight?

O.P Overbearing president says:

How tall are u

Rohan Nair says:

Hey man, would you say the m1 stretch is skin tight in the thigh?. I’m 6 1 and 165 pounds and my ideal fit is tight in calf to ankle and a lil baggier in the thigh ( dont like the feel and how they look skin tight on thighs). Also what is that layer white tee you have on under that hoodie . I’m looking for a nice layer tee and that looks dope.

Tom Dudzik says:

where is that pink hoodie from that you’re wearing with the splash denim? thx

Abraham Samuel says:

I got a pair of m5 from mnml size 32 they’re brand new but they’re too loose on me. If anyone is interested you can buy them off me for $50.

mcmxcix . says:

I’m about 5’7 and I typically where a size 29 in their stretch denim with a belt.. do you think I should get XS in the drawcord pants or just a small?

Raidz says:

I’m 5’8 and 130 lbs, I usually wear 30 but I’m not sure if I should go with 30 or 29

Kyle Aleksiejczyk says:

I have bigger thighs and legs in general, so they fit like skinny jeans. What should I do? I want them to fit like yours.

Grizzy Pug says:

hey how did you shrink the jeans?

Paganini says:

Im about 5’7″ and about 180 -185 pounds and have some thick thighs (like really thick) and medium calfs/calves however you spell them, and 36×30 for one of my favorite jeans, so what size should i go for M1 Stretch Denim?

Sabri Syahrin says:

Audio sounds better than previous videos and i like it very much

DrizzyP 24 says:

I have a question if your 5″10 what size did you get 28,29,30? Please respond!!

Sonam Tsering says:

how tall are you?

Karolina Blazynska says:

is it me or the vintage denim looks different then previously?

Daniel〈3 says:

Dope, I’m a size 28 mostly, should I get 28 on the splash denim?

Nhật Linh Hà says:

How tall are you ? and How much is your weight?
I’m 1m70, 67kg. Can you tell me my size with ‘stretch’ denim,and standard denim?

Whistletone says:

Nice vid dude. I’m subbed.

JustinBieber VEVO says:

Love you

Marc McIntosh says:

Hey man just to let you know I picked up 3 pairs of jeans from just because of this video. All the jeans turned out amazing thanks to you. Keep up the great vids man! Make more street wear vids

Jaime Bernal says:

Really good video I was looking for something like this for a while

creekmaster 83 says:

Does the thigh completely show through or only a little bit because my thighs are white as hell

krejn says:

What would you recommend for a 6’3″ big boy with 26″ thighs, 39″ waist?

Pablo Kámino says:

Hey Trevor, I started watching you because of the hair videos, because I want to get a similar hair, but I now watch every video of yours, they are really chill and enjoyable. Much Love ♥

Gilbert Action Sports says:

What curved white layering teeshirt did you use in this video?

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