MNML $80 vs Fear of God $1000 Denim Comparison and Review Feat. Gallucks

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I LOVE MY FEAR OF GOD DENIM, I LOVE MY MNML Denim. This video is strictly a comparison per the request of so many! My objective is to be fair, unbiased, transparent, and factual with a dash of my opinions. Everyone has their own preferences! This is no way should be taken as rule of thumb, or deter you either which way… What’s right for you, is what’s right for you 🙂

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-Barneys, The webster, Fear of God website!

Today’s video: BY VERY POPULAR REQUEST, we will be comparing Fear of God Denim to Mnml Denim 15 oz… It’s also kind of like review as we will be breaking each pair down. Is Fear of God denim worth $1000? Is the $80 a reasonable alternative? That’s ultimately up to you. My job is to give you my thoughts, opinions and break down what makes these pairs of jeans what they are. Fourth collection is amazing and I couldnt be a bigger fan of Fear of God, and am looking forward to acquire more Fifth collection pieces. Dont think that there is ANY shade or anything being cast to Jerry Lorenzo or Fear of God. I am a fan and this brand is a staple in streetwear and mens fashion for sure. This is just a review and comparison because many people have asked. So hyped to do this with my friend Joel AKA Gallucks! Hope you enjoy!!


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Rick says:

Is your close relationship with mnml making you lose some of your love for Jerry? Deff seems like you’re a lot more put off by him now in comparison to say 4-5 months ago

300 Piglo says:

i loved the video paul.. thank you for helping everyone get a detailed idea of what exactly you are getting in each purchase it makes a big difference and saves people time and money.

Efit says:

I’ll never buy from a company that steals designs. mnml is a culture vulture, If you can’t buy the real thing get something else like rag n bone or some other middle tier company instead of the copycats at mnml.

Jake Smit says:

How much Paul Pushes MNML Honesty makes me wanna unsubscribe. Supporting such a obvious rip of such a revolutionary designer. Disrespectful, And to me, the aesthetic just isn’t there. But all love Paul. Been here since the first channel.

Cult God the Cult Leader says:

Hey I make funny Hypebeast Videos. Check them out on my page.

slim Large says:

Great video. I just subscribed. You were a great help. Keep up the good work

Kevin Wu says:

It all depends on your budget level… If I make a million bucks per year, I will buy expensive designer brands and high-end streetwear shit for sure. I won’t even have a glimpse on those cheap brands like HM ZARA and all these brands that copy Fear of God. But I just make average money. So, my options are limited. I either save moeny to invest a great high-end or designer brand piece or just buy cheap alternative instead. Still, it all depends on how much money u make.

amays86 says:

The Fear of God definitely fit Joel much better. It’s all about the cut on the thigh…the MNML made his legs look bigger

Alex Rivera says:

That yellow lighting Paul

Clorox Bleach says:

You always look sick

Brian Youk says:

Skip to 2:25

WiKing says:

what was the code you could use on mnml? I’m thinking to buy some jeans from mnml.

JamzIsGod says:

How do these fit on a shorter guy? (I’m 5’8″)
I know they say 34″ inseam on a 32″ waist. I feel like thats really long, even with stacking…

Kimbap Rolls says:

Hey man praise god! love your content, would love it if you or your fans checked us out!

Edmond Edralin says:

I thought it’s 65

Boknowmagic says:

I laugh at the youth who thinks Jerry created zippers on jeans…Rocawear was putting zippers on ankles of sweats ah decade ago & zippers on the seams of military style jackets with patches still have my Roc jacket also coogi was putting button tabs on the ankles of jeans too…sure he put the 1’s not in the know in the know. In JH & High school we were distressing our own jeans and patch work in home ec back in the 90’s


This got cringy…

Racquil Broderick says:

Can you do an outfit challenge

Kevin Chu says:

paul does the sizing of 15 oz denim similar to the regular m1s?

FireSun20 says:

Won’t you lose your FOG privilege/ sponsorship with videos like this? Great vid as always Paul!

Flux says:

Represent denim is much better than mnml

99SCARS says:

What vans are you wearing paul?

BONIC says:

You should do a vid on the fifth collection raw denim!!!

geneticfreak84 says:

Do a Neemz callout video

Sam Nee says:

Videos are getting boring now. You’re all doing the same. Mature a bit and understand the real depths of fashion rather than pleasing instagram followers. This isn’t dressing well, it’s dressing the same for the masses of kids that live in the moment. Zzzzz

ViceofSLP says:

never cared for fog denim since i only rock slp denim but having tried it on in store it was ass compared to slp denim from aw13-ss14 when it was at its best

twittjimena says:

And I told you about MNML …

Kurasa Twentyfive says:

For everyone who is kinda the Bieber type bodywise as in average height,you do workout but you’re still kinda skinny particularly your legs, size down by 1 !!

I normally wear 31 but with mnml I always go with 30s . Trust me. Your normal size won’t be skinny enough

Isa Saladin says:

What tee are you wearing ??

Ricardo Marco says:

how tall are u wearing size 31?

Evan Seabeck says:

Ummm fucking buy Levi’s. They’re the kings of denim don’t buy designer denim

Ivan Contreras says:

I like the fear of god denim and i’m going to wear that every single day but if i have the money

Kristopher Arcenas says:

Paul you should do a outfit challenge, outfit comes from Offset from Migos or any rappers or celebrities like harrison has

jeremy marquez says:

I feel like I’m watching a chevy commercial

reece bailey says:

Hey man where did you get that crew neck? Thanks!

Pierson Ngo says:

MNML can improve their 15oz denim if 1.They taper their denim more 2. Distress the blowout holes higher so they go over the kneecaps, not the shins 3.Make their denim longer for stacks 4. Remove the dropcrotch(Compare to the Fear denim and you’ll see MNML looks like it has a dropcrotch in comparison) 5.Make their distressing bigger so it reaches seam to seam

Beats by Basti says:

Savage denim..

Check out my beats fam 😉

Aloha Snackbar says:

For me mnml jeans fit really tight on the thighs and calf and I’m considered skinny

Lux says:

got bored so i started to type.. now im hungry bye

soul43 says:

I can’t justify $500+ for clothes that I replace every 1-3 years

Eric Doe says:

No hands on of each? I’d think that would be needed but not hating

phil m says:

i dont think you can make an unbiased comparison here considering you have a coupon code with mnml. i’m wondering how each pair holds up over time and through washes

rencedidntsleep says:


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