Hyper Denim Review! | Mufa, Ato, and Joggers

Links to pants in this video:

LT.Blue Drop Crotch Denim Jogger

White Ato Pant

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LoganArnoldKicks says:

Dope vid! I now have a pair of Mufa’s (my favorite) and some Atos

alex marquez says:

Would you recommend hyper denim jeans for short guys. I’m 5’3 with a 30 waist. I want to buy a pair of pants, but I feel like I’m too short.

V!CKY says:

What is the outro song? 4:27

정성태 says:

my uncle is the creator of hyperdenim. my uncle is full korean.

polaris c says:

I just coped some hyperdenim joggers

Evan Casey says:

I’m a bigger guy and usually wear a 38. Should I size up to a 40 to avoid super tightness?

SCFO says:

I suggested this site/apparel to u 😉 glad u got em

Nathan Guerrero says:

Were did you get the neutral colored shirts

Natte Hand says:

Solid review. Some awesome pants there. I like the white jeans a lot.

J Rubirosa says:

how tall are you man?

Jie-Ke Wang says:

im 180 cm tall and 65 kg should i get 30 or 32?

Solaris Darcos says:

dope video you’re so underated…

CallMeJoe says:

On the sight it’s just the waist size. How do they fit length wise because I’m 6’4

lee jianpu says:

Can shorter guys rock them?

Julio Cruz says:

h&m has a better fit than these that’s sad I have both DONT cop these after a single wash these go to shit

Patrick Pham says:

Nice video man. Thanks for putting this together. God bless <333

Darkened Entity says:

Yo harrison i got some fat ass calves can i still get the ato pants if i size up 1 from the size i am

Fredde says:

Like, my hips are pretty broad, no homo, but i am also short, like 171-172 cm. I could probably fit in a 32 in the waist. But i’m afraid it will be too long and the distressing will look of. Should I try to chance on a size 30, or still get 32 ?

Brayden Paredes says:


Caleb Marshall says:

Where did you get your hat?

Cadence Mastrantoni says:


Jeffrey Espinal says:

Joggers are a Dub but fw with other other 2

Triggered Tyrone says:

Look up KDNK on Amazon. Hyperdenim just buys their jeans in bulk and stamps a brand logo on it. They sell their stuff for 20-30 bucks. Kind of disgusting how hyperdenim just rips them off

Sondre Wollebaek says:

U use the word clean all wrong. Its not clean when its almost falling apart…

Edison Ho says:

Is the number(30,32,34,36,38,40) your width or length

Ezekiel Espinosa says:

I usually wear a 28 or 29 but hyper denim smallest size is a 30! Should I go for the 30 ?

TheAnbuGamer says:

I have large calves and thighs. I was thinking about ordering the black ato pants in 32 but I’m scared if they’re gonna be to tight. I usually wear 32 in zanerobes sureshot and salerno

G Vaz says:

How the flip did u cop the Bred 1s? I took sooooo many L’s and thats just my favorite sneaker period color and design….. Fresh vid though

Jack says:

i like how your doing a review for viewers and not just to make $$$ like alot of other youtubers do

FaydeShadowz says:

How tall are u man? I’m only like 5’6 and not sure if these would even fit length wise

StealthySoldier says:

man where can i get a pair of jeans that are distressed like the fog ones. i like these an how similar they are, but I am not a fan of the zipper. please help

Eric Tirado says:

how tall are you

Siman says:

he is so skinny eat more dude

Mrr Copy On The Mix says:

Sombo luy mles hah

Mason chill out! says:

im 5’5 and im wondering if i can still wear the zipper pants even though the lowest is 30 w

DANYL says:

Damn pick ups on fire !!!

Isaiah Johnson says:

should I up size if you a bigger kind of guy? :0

Dustin Polkovic says:

I usually wear a 28 in jeans but hyper denim only offers 30 and up. Would you recommend me getting a size 30 and then try to shrink the jeans?

cơ Justin says:

like as justin bieber

umut bulut says:

Whats the sizing like should i size up?

Bode Druce says:

The Mufa jeans are so nice i have 3 pairs and i love them. Great video man! love your channel!

Nathan Guerrero says:

We’re did you get those tan shirts

Santino Raineri says:

I fit kinda loose in size 42, you think I’ll fit 40 in hyper denim

Misha Suharev says:

I really like your hat) Where can I buy it?

Nic Bya says:

I wear 32 in the HM twil zipper pants, should I get 32 also for Hyper Denim?? Thank u

Erick Rodriguez says:

Is the Jean quality good?

Allan Laya says:

what shirt is compatible if your jeans is rip white color? is it black right?

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