HEAVY 21oz RAW DENIM:6 Month Review IRONHEART IH555-01


ignus16 says:

Fantastic video as always, thanks for sharing! i really want to get a pair of IH 21oz jeans but cannot figure out which ones might fit and dont live anywhere near to where they are sold at the moment..

Zein Haris says:

About the cuff, you should un-cuffed them every time you done wearing them, cause it would loosen the tension on the fibers, and don’t worry about loosing the cuff spot cause the cuff wear will stay visible. I do this all the time and all my denim doesn’t have that tearing fabric on the cuffed parts

Warren Feagins says:

Chicago guy here. The same denim I grew up with in the late 60s, 70s and 80s is now $350????? THAT is truly fucked up.

Andrew Beddows says:

Great video as always. Love the evolution on these, everything I hope my 21 oz 777 achieve after 6 months. Here good things Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative which is now stocked by Iron Heart, so I might give it a try on the leather patch to see if it can offer some protection to my first Soak/wash.

Michael Farrer says:

You sound like Stephen Marchant

Sierra Eire says:

Did you get around to ordering custom Doc Martens?

killamist666 says:

Very nice. Did you find them extremely rigid at the beginning ?

Eric Friend says:

Have you tried them with dress shoes and a jacket? Just wondering how they look dressed up a little bit.

Orion says:

Yo, Devin! hope you see this. Wanted to say that you should check out the Orleans Dr. Marten boot. it has treads on the sole that i think you’d love! I was gonna recommend that if you ever need a Dr. Marten boot re-soled, you should definitely ask to see if they can put the Orleans sole on the classic black 1460’s. Or you could just check out the whole boot itself honestly. Here’s a link to them if you want a quick look: https://www.drmartens.com/uk/en_gb/p/23167302

Miguel Vargas says:

if you’re already having cuff wear at a double, switch to a single cuff. That way if the darn job doesn’t work out, you can always cut right above it and you’ll still have some nice pant length.

StenchLord says:

nice jeans and skx too

Sean McQueeney says:

You ever post on Reddit?

King_Of _Fishing says:

Great pair of Jeans, love the review. I got a couple pair of naked and famous coming I’ll need to start working on. Good denim and good boots make life a little nicer. Thanks for making the video.

ciriciri says:

Will 21oz jeans too hot to wear in tropical country without winter season?

toycollector10 says:

Stylin’ with a nice Seiko SKX007 too?

Pol Wanichkul says:

Dr Marten made in England review?

ZefTillDeath says:

I found a new pair of Ironhearts at a thrift store for $2, sold on eBay for around $250. Heaviest and highest quality pair of jeans I’ve even seen and I’ve sold a couple thousand pairs of jeans so far.

Pol Wanichkul says:


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