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Shivan Smyth says:

Hey, were do you guys buy your hoodies, would like to cop them!

Cloroxxed says:

yo if im size 33 in h and m what size should i get in this

Jr B.C says:

Are jeans even worth $800 like you’re basically just paying for the name you can go buy jeans and distress them yourself for way cheaper

Joe Zhang says:

Rich indeed bro rich indeed

David Carpio says:

What brand and where can the hoodies u guys are wearing be bought?

Manuel Rodriguez says:

Naked & Famous is Japanese Selvedge Denim for 1/4 price.

Michael88 says:

I need that cream hoodie! Where’s it from

Nathan Perez says:

Dominans stravans distressed jeans for sale if anyone interested

Mike Lamar says:

Where you guys bought those hoodies?

Daquan Roman says:

$800+ for ripped jeans no thanks ur money do what u want ur life

Khang Huynh says:

I need his hoodie

Brandon Hill says:

It’s incredible how stupid people are to buy a fucking $900 pair of jeans, they are clothes, if you have the money to invest in this dumbass product, you can invest in a house for your future.

Luis Hernandez says:

i personally like the lighter wash in the calf area

Max Rarogal says:

Are these skinny fit? Slim ?

Patrick Huynh says:

Lol the represent jeans are almost just as good as these and are 1/9th the price.

XXLilBoatXX says:

Bruh Richie look like he korean

Jimmi Ricardo says:

Please +Richie Le, tell me how you fold your hoodie, like you look in the video

Landen Lopez says:

How do I wash my jeans ? And dry them with out them shrinking or hanging them up and they feel crusty? Need help

Thatemoturtle says:

My zipper pants are still loose in the ankles for me and it bothers me because I like my bottoms being tapered and tight

aaron leon says:

Where can I cop these ?

Kai says:

They’re fake

Alezander Morcilla says:

where did you cop your hoodies? thoseee are dopee hoodies

Kiko Mausia says:


Brian Ng says:

What size does Richie le wear ? 30-32?

Dylan Weber says:

Can I video u blowing ne

Tristan Park says:

How long are the zippers on the ankle?

Throne says:

Hyper denims bruh.

theazn07 says:

who the hell drops 1k on jeans…damn

joshbenalcazar12367 says:


spartan zeroware345 says:

this fog jeans vs yves st laurent jeans that you have

Vuffen says:

What hoodie is that you are wearing?

Darby Lemon says:

900 dollars of bad taste. Visit Europe.

Micheal Jackson says:

I hate this generation

John Wendor says:

Richie you should make a video about like white jeans, like the do’s and dont’s of white jeans

booty jenkins says:

Forever 21 has some fire ones for like 30 bucks

legion says:

everyone know the first batch were the best batch

Ashish KC says:

man these are not worth at all haha

Aaron Bard says:

how the fuck are you just gonna talk about the jeans but not even wear them??? Are you afraid that their fake too?

Childish 2X says:

Why spend your money on these, when u can buy a pair(or 2) of True Religions. Fear of God are for fuckboys and hypbeast

Benjamin Kjær Hansen says:

id on tans hoodie

Jamilulkhair Rakib says:

Just go with ksubi

Stonethecrow says:

No. Fear of God is makes overpriced band shirts for kids who don’t know shit about the bands. Fuck FOG and fuck all the posers who wear their shirts without knowing the music. And pre ripped jeans are fucking stupid too. You earn that shit

Spencer Smith says:

Wish you woulda thrown some fits in there…

Ryan Reid says:

Riri Zippers has nothing to do with Rihanna they are made of Titanium that’s why they are very expensive

purecotton says:

these aren’t OG pairs. Saint Laurent brought these into fashion first.

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