Denim Round-Up – DSTLD, Gustin, Mott & Bow, Levi, Bravestar | 2+ Years Each

Timestamps and links to each brand:
1:90 – Levis
3:30 – Bravestar –
5:20 – Gustin –
7:01 – DSTLD –
8:08 – Mott & Bow
9:00 – Revtown
10:00 – Mizzen and Main –

The Mensch on Levi’s –

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For reference, I am 6’4 usually 170lb. Typical sizes of clothing:
T-shirts: S
Long sleeve shirts/button downs: M
Dress Shirts: 15.5 x 35
Pants: 30 x 34
Dress Shoes: 12

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Arthur Stewart says:

Check out the Unbranded (owned by Naked & Famous, but cheaper) . Also Sage Denim. Quality right there

M j G says:

You have a Model’s Silhouette, all the jeans fit you PERFECTLY without looking bunchy, frumpy or too tight. Lucky guy.

John Tesoriero says:

What do you think about Brave Star jeans compared to Lucky or 7? Thanks for the great vid

TheWhoDatWhoady says:

Another great video. What’s your thought on free note cloths and naked and famous raw selvedge?

toobalkain says:

It’s amazing the brands this guy digs out, even if US oriented, when he was reviewing white sneakers he pretty much covered the entire industry, had like 20 white sneakers to compare, from Stans to Common Projects, good work.

Daniel Jarvis says:

I know that you like to focus on less mainstream brands, but the American Eagle stretch denim is insanely comfortable. I think you should give it a try.

dukefan says:

do you have any specific jeans/color to recommend for office smart casual look?

Tanweer Majid says:

Jeans really fit you well. Some slimmer in the thigh. Assuming you didn’t get any of the, tapered?

The Mensch says:

Now this is my kind of roundup! So glad you picked bravestar – you’re dead on – they’re clearly the best bang for your buck. It’s interesting that once you know your fabrics, like cone denim, you start to wonder where the markups come from. To me that’s why bravestar wins- the same premium fabrics but directly to you for the best price too! Gotta get me some!

The Kavalier says:

Here’s that link to the Levi’s article by The.Mensch!

Earth Nim says:

The unbranded brand is pretty good if you’re into raw denim

DXM says:

Unsure what the appeal of raw denim is given the inconvenience of bleeding. Isn’t it going to ruin your shoes and shirt?

Kevin Escobar says:

i hope that when you get HUGE aka 1mil. followers or more, that you dont forget about your subbers like some other alphas or teachers of mens fashion youtubers…

Jean-Francois Dupuis says:

Get momotaros or Oni. Way better than Gustin. Got a pair from them and I wasn’t impressed at all. For a cheap pair at a low price, i would highly recommend Uniqlo. Theh have stretch, but they are great

Jackman LeBlanc says:

Think I’m just going to stick to what I can afford, shocker I know. Levi’s it is.

robbie025 says:

Actually, not to be the cheap one, but Uniqlo does a great line of denim. I had one pair for 50-60$, and they’re quite good.

Sir Salmon Dude says:

Love Bravestar and Gustin. Too bad they don’t do High/Relaxed Tapered fit for people with big thighs.

c t says:

Lone flag

M j G says:

Great informative video! Thanks for WEARING the jeans on camera too. I just now subscribed. Levis is my favorite brand too, so, yes, do create more material with that brand. I buy a lot of stuff from Levis in my closet, so your input helps and matches my style!

aaronhardin1983 says:

I like bke

Matthew L. says:

How about Luxire MTM selvedge jeans? another great video btw

Steve Steele says:

Have you ever gotten into a bathtub with jeans?

Jariel GT-R says:

Nice video brother! ✌️

MicK MousE says:

nudie is my first jeans. bought one in coated black. it’s so comfortable it’s like a second skin over a year of wearing. another one is a brand from my country Indigoskin with all raw denims.

Phafanapolis says:

Buying jeans for muh syck jane fades is some autistic fashion behavior.

Andrew Clark says:

I really liked that episode if the podcast you mentioned.

MILFMAN1986 says:

What white sneaker is that at 4:00

keith osorio says:

Have you tried Dearborn Denim? I love them. You can order any inseam size. I’m actually a 33” inseam. Most other jeans I have to order a 34 and deal with them being a tad too long or pay extra to have them hemmed.

Jesus Mendoza says:

Where’d you get the henley?

Darius says:


godfatherNYC says:

What model/line Levi’s are those? Great video, thanks.

the tinkerer says:

I just got the 16.5 oz Cone Mills from Bravestar. Great brand. That 15 oz Cone is brilliant too.

King Of Leone says:

Sangiev for Denim

Steven Morse says:

Dearborn Denim

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