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Harold TheTubeman says:

Why he talk like he african? massive confusion.

Viki Roy says:

Hey i have a pair of jeans that ive already washed a couple of times… But if i start not washing it anymore does it still work to fade it?

Youtube AAA says:

name of music from 1:04?

Hero Hour says:

all my white underwear are now light blue. Thanks Selvedge

Miglant23PL says:

Guys don’t wear timbs with raw Demin the dye will bleed on to them

Peter Huang says:

Hi Richie! do u mind if i wanna see backpacks suggestion video!

Kicksamillion says:

you should make a video on how you edit and make your youtube videos

That 0ne Kid says:

Freezing won’t kill the bacteria. It will just put them to sleep for a bit. The smell will still come back.

Armando Molina says:

Is rue 21 a good place to shop at

Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality says:

blackest Asian kid I have ever seen, hang lo?

Nutella says:

I’m a bit big but still want a fitted look. I’m 5.8″ and 155 pounds 32 waist. What brand should I look into. (Price isn’t a big deal)

Robert John says:

Where can I get biker jeans for cheap?

Paul Drews says:

make a video where u show us how 2 lace our raw denims

jay illest says:

Yo Richie… what style are your jeans skinnys ect?

Sunny King's says:

This channel is better than Alpha M.

lavaman233 says:

Can’t beat Uniqlo selvedge which is really good value and with a bit of stretch, it’s so much more comfortable over say, APC or Levis 511 selvedge.

AlexEastwood says:

How to wash jeans if they got some stains?

James Lee says:

Can you do a episode on how to wear jerseys please??????

Marc Lalusis says:

How do you feel about the h&m raw denim?

kevin hernandez says:

Putting your jeans in the freezer works for any type of jeans or only raw denim?

Stanley Johnson says:

Freezing your jeans will NOT kill bacteria, only washing will do that.

Dahler says:

Constantly flailing those arms.

AnznA 2000 says:

I want them but they are kinda expensive

Harry Brown says:

1:09 BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rehub Kazi says:

Cuffing jeans?

Legend Kicks says:

im happy with joes brand

Ian says:

I see he ZG boost. Do a review

Chukonu5 says:

freezing doesn’t work

_.oluwayiga._ .A says:

Richie does it have to be raw selvage denim or just regular raw denim

Redfather says:

Is that jake from American Dragon

ábur says:

will stretchable selvedge denim shrink? for example, if im gonna buy a size 31, will it shrink to a 30 or stretch to a 32 or 33?

Hey There says:

Hi there Mr. Richie Le, nice shirt!

Lethal Beats says:

Can you wash them with other clothe?

Palace says:

So why are they so expensive?

Donnie Brasco says:

What’s with the pompadour?

James McLin says:

This wasted my time……horrible. Is the host gay? No homo but i would not smash

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