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Best Riding Jeans 2018

If you’re saying “Best dungarees, please!”, you’ve come to the right place. Moto jeans have come a long way since we started keeping tabs on denim with superpowers. Protective materials, armor options, and especially style improved at a breakneck pace in recent years, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we put our riding jeans to the test, and these four passed with top marks.

Jeans in this buying guide:

Street & Steel Oakland Jeans – 0:55
Rokker Rokkertech – 3:04
Revit Lombard 2 – 4:54
Klim K Fifty 2 – 7:20


TheDudeofDudes says:

I miss the mid 2000s when men’s jeans weren’t all made for teenage girls.

Henry C says:

These skinny jeans aren’t working for me. I’m an adult. Family. Kids. Career. I don’t need my junk pushed up. These are jeans not spandex.

Barney Lynch says:

Do any of these jeans come in mens?

Tam says:

Do you guys have a video comparing kevlar in denim vs aramid? Really having a hard time getting some good info on it

Dirk Segerius says:

This is probably a stupid question but, Can you wear these jeans on a plane, I’m going riding with some friends interstate and flying to meet them, apart from say the CT armour which you can remove, will the jeans set off the metal detectors at the airport.

Some Aussie Bloke says:

damn those rokkertech are fine but for half a grand??!

Mr G says:

Im literally just getting into motorcycles and the culture of it all.. had no idea that they made jeans with armor. Damn, I have a hell of a lot to learn.

Chris Hodapp says:

Stretch or no stretch, they look tight and uncomfortable.
the Klim Kfifty 2 might be more comfortable

BassasaurusRex says:

The last ones definitely looked best to me. Not too baggy not too nut crushing.

Msalazar6sicVI says:

Is that the only shirt he owns?

9T2 says:

These jeans looks too tooo tight

Michael Zimmerman says:

just trying to learn what the options are for protecting my knees, and how much the options cost, comparatively, and for you to speak somewhat more slowly and clearly… really most concerned about protecting my knees, and I thought Revzilla would offer some broad information…. could give a shit about jeans really… already have em…. want to know whats available in various price ranges… no a fucking fashion show, for a 60 year old newbie on a 250…. but clearly you kids like to sell hundred dollar plus jeans… how bout knee pads???

Brandon Hicks says:

dude on the bike looks awkward af

Tebin says:

Tried riding jeans, wasn’t really for me. Way too much compromise for the sake of styling/comfort. The Klim jeans seem like they’re worth a try, and I might try it when the weather gets too hot for track leathers.

pistolcort says:

Good stuff guys. Looking forward to getting all my gear from you when the time comes. Thank you.

fleemos says:

From owning mutltiple pairs over the last 5 years, the knee armor just doesn’t stay in place well without the elasticated stretch above the knee. I wouldn’t recommend jeans without them.

Charlie Fernández says:

What jeans pants do you have that elastane so that it is not uncomfortable or bad when I get off my bike? I do not understand why women are entitled to that material and men are not in the same version of almost every jeans …

Armando Escobedo says:

Hey guys, I have been reading and seeing you all for some time.
I like how comprehensive your analysis are, every time, … but …
Would it be possible to make a table summary of all the options, prices, characteristics you review and help us make our decision with a more “visual” tool?
Thanks for being there for us!

Heart Healthy Hustle says:

Great video team revzilla, you guys are great

Wesley Monahan says:

Lol a 32 waist haha ok strawberry shortcake haha i havnt worn an extra medium since 7th grade those are size peewee for lil fellas

rmtheg234 says:

Are those jeans suppose to be tight around the ankle areas?

Redican Prime says:

Good film. I like the direction this video took with a standing and seated position for the jeans.

Lukiel666 says:

Meh. Riding jeans are NOT protective. Wear armored leather or at least leather chaps. Because friction happens. Heat transfer will cook your skin unless you have a barrier that insulates from heat transfer. So instead of road rash you get second degree burns. This is a gimmick. Wear leather. It’s hot but it does protect.
That being said, better than regular jeans. Better with chaps over top.

Roland Del Cielo says:

the first three jeans were nut crushers ( why they make them so tight ? ) the last one is not young but at least looked comfortable . these days I a having a hard time to buy a jeans that caters to a man ….. skinny jeans for girls

Wolfgang Hokenmaier says:

What happened to the Scorpion Covert line, seems it was favorably reviewed just last year.

Denis v says:

What do you guys think about tobacco jeans?

Dave Warner says:

Fantastic! Really know your stuff and found it informative and in no way boring well done! I’ve hit the subscribe button! Cheers.

Andres Kütt says:

What boots does he wear with the Rokkers?

crashburn314 says:

What are the best jeans under $200 that have knee and/or hip protectors?

Bo Ismono says:

Thanks for this video. What’s your opinion on Kevlar longjohns underneath regular jeans? I use SGS Abraguard longjohns.

arnie says:

give me hvb or give me death!!

John Geis says:

Hood jeans, (UK) offer CE live 2 armor in knees and hips, and full.length kevlar from hips to ankles, on all sides, good for about a 70 mph get off. They’ll tailor jeans and twill pants to custom lengths. Cost generally around £170-230 with armor included. Best jeans I’ve ever bought…but lower production shop–not mass market, but definitely well made.

Opposite Lock says:

The slim fits might look “too tight” on the muscular model like the comments are saying but if you’re a 125lbs 5’6 guy like me, baggy ones would look just as bad and in this case the slim fits are your best bets. The point is it all depends on your particular body type.

Kenneth Reynolds says:

Thanks Anthony, I was unaware of what was available untill now. I put value in these vids and trust y’all’s prospective as end users.

Arturo Juarez says:

I really like the jeans you’re wearing compare to any Juice* displayed…

DaiSei The 24th says:

Are dress pants viable?

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