Best Affordable Jeans | MNML LA Denim Detailed Looks + On Body & Size Comparison


I’ve heard a lot about this brand in recent weeks so decided to give them a go and I AM IMPRESSED. For $64 USD, I think these are the best quality jeans money can buy.

They fit true to size! I’m usually a 32/M in jeans. (183cm & 75kb)

These are the M1 Denim that have destroyed holes in the same area as the Fear of GOD (FOG) jeans. They also have high quality zips on the inseams that match the quality of YKK. Best alternative to FOG jeans and best jeans money can buy!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Where to buy:
#1) M1 Splash Denim –
#2) M1 Denim Black –
#3) M1 Denim Blue –

What I’m wearing:
Tee – ASOS Oversize white tee
Sneakers – Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 Tripe white / White out –


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Mikiyas 17 says:

Are these supposed to fit like skinny jeans?

ยืนงงในดง ตรีน says:

size chart ??

Ballzyx OF says:

Bro how tall are you ? I’m 1.82cm and I’ve also ordered 34size and I feel like the length is too big .. what should I do -_- @Kadin Yu

Quit Acid says:

Hey I know this video came
Out a long time ago but I’m 5’6 and I weigh 140 I’m skinny but my theigs are a tiny tiny bit big. I bought the size 28 and they were so tight I can’t put them on. Should I go a size 30 because they are 11 cm bigger around the legs and upper legs

tokyoghoulagram says:

Why is the black one 34 and the purpose jeans 32

Lv Sneakerhead says:

How tall are you?

Yazdan J says:

Hi, I’m 186 cm and 77 kg. Wich size would you recommend?

MrAmanPlayZ says:

I’m 5ft 2 what size should I get I’m 12 years old

Dong Parusa says:

hows the comfort in the non stretch if you go tts?

Blake Johnson says:

What are the inseams of the denim? I’m a 36 inch length and I have trouble with sizing.

Avery Lashuay says:

what brand is that shirt, I love the silhouette

Marcin Zegarmistrz says:

I’m 6 foot 5 and quite skinny, what size do you recommend I buy?

OJ-XE says:

Im 6ft 1 70kg which size is best?

(FPoly HCM - K12.3v2) Phan Huu Cuong says:

im 5.7ft,72 kg and my thigh 58cm witch size should i go with ?

Oscar Navarro says:

im 6 foot, 192 LB what size should i get

Jason Wang says:

Hi, love the video. I am 189cm height and 85kg, what size should I grab? Thanks

Bon Bon says:

im 5’5 and size 28 about 115 pounds. do you think that will fit well or do i have to be taller?

Alex Abrams says:

Does MNML go by waist or length?
Is 32 for 32 waist
Or 32 length


What song playing ?

Ufunez Zockt says:

Hey iam 183 cm and 72 kg, is 31 ok for skinny Jeans ?

kristensing1 says:

I’m going for that stacked look. Would u suggest the m1 regular or m1 stretch? Also I am 6’1 160 and usually wear a 32 waist and 34 length however I am going for that stacked looked so should I go up one size to a 33?

Meas Bank says:

What’s your height?

ThePricklySausage says:

Hey dude. I know this a little late, but I’m pretty skinny and usually wear a 30. Altough, I got a good deal from someone for size 32s. I dont want the jeans to fit too skinny anyways, but do you think they’d fit way too wide/baggy? Thanks!

Doom Boy says:

How long is the delivery for international shipping?

Luis Martinez says:

I’m 5’7 and 160lb , what size.should I go? , I’m normally a size 30

Thongchai Hieronymus says:

Hello I usually wear 36 because I have pretty big thigs so I’m wondering if I should go with a 36 (tts) or size up (38). I’m 5’9 feet and 190lbs

김성수 says:

Thx for videos
I’m 172cm , 64kg I usually wear other brand size of 29-30 and my thighs are thick. so what size should I go?Pleas chooseComfortable size : ?Fit size : ?

Ricky Tran says:

Hi, I’m planning on buying 2 pair of jeans on this website but I have a question about the fit. I’m a somewhat built dude I workout a lot and my legs and calves are huge compared to other people. Whenever I go to h and m I have to get size 34/32 it somewhat fit my waist but I need a belt to hold it up it’s kinda big on my waist but that’s the only way for my thighs and calves to fit. So I’m planning on getting a 34 do you recommend it? My waist is size 32 or 33 but I need to go to 34 in order for my legs to fit in jeans at h and m.

Lou Williams says:

I’m 160cm and I weigh 115, What size would u recommend?

SuicideChris says:

Splash or M1 denim?

mikie mcdonough says:

Should I go true to size in these joints so if I’m a 34 waist keep rockin with that?

David Cao says:

Hi Kadin! I am 6 ft 3, 195 pounds and have pretty big legs. I usually wear size 34 for jeans but I am still a little worried about what size to buy. Could you help me out?

P.S: For reference, I have actually bought two pairs of size 33 M1s. Unfortunately they were extremely tight (especially in the calf and front thigh area) to the point where I can barely get them on, let alone wear them comfortably. I already sent them back for a exchange but I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Palace says:

so are there any specific rules you have to follow when washing them?

Trae W says:

Are the lengths the same on all waist sizes ? I usually am a 28 waist and 30 or 32 in length, will these be too long ?

Sevos says:

Honestly the Black one is just sick.

Walter Ellis says:

About how tall are you? Thinking about getting a pair

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