So, in today’s video, I will be going over mnml jeans, and I will be doing an unboxing/review of the mnml la jeans (the m1 denim), and I will determine if the jeans are a good fog alternative denim for hypebeasts on a budget. Anyways, I hope you all do enjoy this fog alternative denim review, as I will decide if mnml is a good go-to source for denim, rather than going to fog or pacsun for your denim products. So, I do unbox the M1 Denim from mnml la in the video, and I can say, there was some positive to the zipper jeans/Pants, and then some negatives, but I will say and explain all of it in the mnml jeans review/unboxing. Anyways, I hope you all do enjoy this fog alternative denim unboxing and review, be sure to subscribe below if you are new, and drop a like on this video if you did enjoy (let’s shoot for 200 likes)!! Anyways, thanks for watching!


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Young Golf Cart says:

You got those for Christmas bro you didn’t buy them for yourself

Y K says:

Ur wack af u make shit look goofy

John farrish says:

It’s prolly the size you got too

supreme boy says:

Jacob Starr = FFFFIIIIRRRREEEE, Tristan Wick = QUALITY


Tristan Have you noticed your eye color is changing

Andi Chen says:

I see you with those edits

SouleGotKicks says:

What cam do you use?

supreme boy says:

Dope video bro, are they strecthy?

Lil curry says:

If you weigh more would you suggest going up a size ?

Pon Cho says:

How old is this kid

kickingitwithdavid says:

This is a video that I needed I was thinking about buying some to
they looked kinda tight how tall are you just to know for what size i should go

raphael baysa says:

Love your channel dude! When you wore those jeans and you said they were tight what kind of underwear were you wearing? Is there a hypebeast brand for underwears and everything and what type would be best to wear with these jeans since i got myself a pair too and what brands do you wear since I’m new to the game? Thanks!!! Keep doing you bro!

Andrew O. says:

Hey Tristan, can you link the page where the jeans are? There are so many M1 on their site, in specific which one are these?

Tristen Balsamo says:

Tbh I don’t think ripped jeans look good on people with small legs

Henkka says:

Lmao those jeans make ur legs look like baguettes

Supreme Hype says:

Damn tristan you must have fell off your board hard your elbow is fuckeddddd

harvey sweeney says:

Do a Christmas hall Bro shoutout to

bosh trew says:

My mnml jeans arrived late too, it wasn’t even ordered during a busy part of the season. I looked it up, it seems this is very common with this company so beware future buyers.

joweezy says:

imo these jeans are wack, no offense just my opinion, but I loved the video. I’m into more loose fitting pants and sweats no cuffs, zippers, nothing just timeless pieces

AzAPx z says:

Washed gannnng

Alan gurfinkel says:

How tall are you ?

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