6 Denim Trends Men Should Know

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TheMightyNew b says:

He said “ripped jeans, are NOT gonna be in style a year from now!”

Welp sorry bud, whisper*, they still are.

Alex R says:

What about acid wash?

Derek Tang says:

My thoughts on eet

Andrew Mckibben says:

I think ripped jeans will always be somewhat in style.

Stephenson Scott IS says:

he said thick thighs and a small waist….. im not understanding whats happening to this generation wanting to be women… from wearing make, carrying hand bags, and lets not forget men getting lace front for their head…. smh!! pls help

Vishal Yadav says:

What is name that shirt’s which u worn

I Changed My Name says:

4:02 that voice crack tho

Convicted Vapor says:

3:36 Fashion you can buy. Trends come and go and there will always be the “classic”. But style is something that you cant compare to these things. Style is based on what the individual likes.

TSJ Slayer55 says:

U can make your jeans distressed

Alejandro Godinez says:

What’s up


Definitely appreciate your videos and advice. Question : I have a few staple denims I’m unable to wear. So the cuts are really off and baggy. To name a few are 3 Apc denims, 1 has a selvedge ( I want to tailor w/ the selvedge raw blue it’s the a.p.c pns never worn ), and another is the (a.p.c pns indigo fits like a dad jeans), (a.p.c new cures straight leg), and last (j.crew indigo 484 slim).

Issues I’m short 5.4 all the jeans come at a standard 34 length. Also I’m a fan of Nudies Skinny Lin. I love that fit, I feel a little uncomfortable wearing the Apc pns. I tried the dad jeans look.

What’s your advice ? Should I tailor them all ?

Stephen Mondile says:

jose the type of zuniga to whip hsi kids w an ansen belt

The MexicanMan says:

He said that distressed jeans would stop being a trend and I’m in 2018 like what

Eric barraza says:

Goku from dragonball z invented the distressed look when he went super saiyan for the first time

Victor Hugo Acosta says:

And what I meant in my last comment I mean that the taper is either too big or too small

annabelle eliza says:

I like your blue bomber jacket whare did you get it

Francis Luksomo Lepcha says:

Such an awesome channel… Thnks #bro

Jakob Nordahl Pedersen says:

2 years later disstresed jeans are still popular.

John Blanke says:

4:03 VoIcE cRaCk

Tendai Musara says:

700th comment

The Wicked One says:

Have you ever skated? Cuz cropped jeans are the most comfortable thing to skate with please start doing your research and give an overall opinion not only yours

Cole Stockton says:

Real mean don’t do anything to their jeans except work in them.

Sahil Bhatia says:

Love how much this zuniga’s style has changed in a few years

xtraderpysquid says:

Biker jeans is the best trend they look so peng and gang and they comfy and practical too

cholo serrano says:

I don’t wear cropped denim but my name is cholo 🙁

Typical NormalPerson says:

No ripped jeans!

INeed_AFriend says:

Jose you look wayy better with your natural way hair imo, please keep it!

Danny Blau says:

i have some cropped denim from a handful of years ago, except the big difference is that is slim fit and they were made more with the cuff them so they land near the top of boots style. I can understand that. don’t get the ankle show with looser fit. haha. good tips.

Pinoy Zoi says:

I have to get a big waist pants about 3 waist up due to my calves being too big…..

Diego Armando Lopez Aguilar says:

Do you think biker jeans are stylish or not?like would you wear them?

Luke Radz says:

Jajdjsnndbsndndndbncnfndndnfdnndnfndndnfndndnfbdndnrjjsnsbsbsjx hdhjdjnxbfbdhdbdbrbdbfbdjchfbdhjcndndndnfndjwjsjncndncndnrnnwdjeijxbsneofnsbxnekjdbejcnhrjbebbsngleejdjejjdndnsndnfndndnshejsjnsbwjdndbnsnsndndnnddnnsnd

Can you find my first name?

aditya yatta says:

6th one should be joggers denim I think so

Screwston OG says:

Los cholos lmfao. Got me over here lookin like Miklo

Clutch bmx says:

Vete alv y habla en espacios

Andrew Schurman says:

ur thicc

Victor Hugo Acosta says:

What should I do I’m on the very young side and my the jeans I get are either to big or to small

LA da Kid says:

I don’t think distressed denim is going to go out of style ever. Maybe the overly distressed look, but minimal distressing will always be in style

reallyasian says:

this an old video?

Tenzin-Dorje Rusar says:

Lol Conan O’Brien at 4:20

SuperLeo says:

When its 2018 and jean with hole in it still popular

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