Woman Within Clearance Sale | Is Their Sizing Still Inconsistent?

Purple Geo Top: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/v-neck-henley-tunic/1005515-C.html

Light Wash Jeans: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/bootcut-stretch-jean/1010286.html

Cut Out Top: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/v-neck-cut-out-tunic/1029583-C.html

Dark Wash Jeans: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/perfect-bootcut-jean/1001363.html

Blue Tank: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/perfect-u-neck-tunic-tank/1009890.html

Yellow Tank: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/sleeveless-lace-hem-tank-by-ellos/1008539.html

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Renee Kerner says:

Way too much weight to be carrying around. You don’t have to be thin, but you need to get a grip, I know you really needed me to tell you that. Very unhealthy.

MyUnorganizedLife says:

Is Poshmark worth it? I have a bunch of torrid shirts that are to big and shit ton of shoes and jeans. Anyone done it and is it worth it do you think? Thanks in advance.

LifeByJen says:

Ps I love the yellow tank! I have it in white and wear it with everything!! I love that color on you too!!

Melissa says:

The inconsistent sizing infuriates me. I don’t shop there but I’ve had it happen with torrid. I wish we were like Europe and had standardized sizing.

марина Голенчикова says:

Какие вы счастливые люди.Вы можете носить нормальные вещи для полных. Есть выбор. А у нас к сожаленью нет. Отличные вещи.

Megan Binky says:

The yellow tank looks so good on you keep it

Ramona Killimanjaro says:

You got to cover that belly it hangs down to your knees! You don’t want to wear clothes that accentuate it you need to cover that shit up.

Daisy Shepell says:

No size smaller. With yellow top.

Miss Cindy says:

Hey Kandy, quick question. You said in your video that you have a Poshmark. Can you please reply with your name on Poshmark. I’d love to search your closet and possibly buy a few items. The things you get are always so pretty! Thanks!

clara blossom says:

You are such a cutie

Vintage Hippie says:

I’m in the chaos of moving yet again and have come to a conclusion while sorting, clothing especially. Since I shop thrift, consignment, Vintage, I have way too much clothing, shoes, boots, purses..my conclusion is only keep what makes us feel wonderful and we feel we look great in. We often keep clothes bc we don’t hate them but than rarely wear them. Most of us fluctuate sizes and keep what we like from “some day again” clothes. Keep what you love and fits

S Girl says:

It’s tempting to wanna sell them for more cash- but I would just return them asap and get my money back. I just stopped shopping online for most things since it can be hard to not lose shipping fees and stuff if i have to do returns. Sorry I’m late, I have been super tired and busy with my new full time job.. missed you! Doing some catch up this weekend .

margaret nardone says:

You should go try full beauty they have a shipping that up , I forget how much you for it, then all shipping will 2.99 and free returns. They also women within, full Beaty, and roam and.hope this made since.

Mandy Teal says:

Love the yellow top! I would so want in black though lol yellow does not suit my skin tone, but it does you

Carla V says:

I think the purple top looks great on you! You should keep it and maybe pair it up with the dark wash jeans and tan boots!

debbie willis says:

I just want to come through my pc and steal the yellow tank top. It’s gorg!!! Looks so good on you too. I might have to order one now.

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

Love the hair and the yellow shirt

Dawn Pren says:

If you don’t love that purple top, don’t buy it, it will only sit in your closet and occupy a hanger when you need “only one stinkin’ hanger”. I don’t know how well Poshmark is for getting the most money, but $37 is a night out with friends. Or whatever. Can you get a store credit? Or exchange them of a different size?

IamTheTiffy says:

They use vanity sizing. That’s why a 3x is a 30-32 and not a 4x.

Ramona Killimanjaro says:

Don’t wear that purple shirt because it looks suction to your body and it is way too short your belly is too exposed, please don’t wear that.

Phyl T says:

Sell em

John: 1515 says:

Does anyone know how tall she is? I’m short so I wonder how my height would work with these hauls. It’s akward to be large and short.

dee53210 says:

ThT purple dont fit. Just like most of the clothes. The jacket. DOES NOT FIT

Dinah Henderson says:

I Love Your Videos!!

Athena Fenstermacher says:

I adore the denim jacket on you! Great video as always Kandy! ^-^ Hope your having a fabulous weekend! xoxo

tuesday says:

That Harley Davidson shirt is bangin’, babe! ❤

Darkfire Dreams says:

Love the yellow Ellos top on you. Looks so much better on you then the shop. This is why I adore you for trying this stuff on. I may be smaller but I carry my weight in the same places as you so you are a perfect judge for me. Thank you. So I know I am so in your business today but due to my weight I hit the same sales as you did and I hit them so hard. I go through FULL BEAUTY and buy their $19 a year program which is $2.99 shipping AND free returns always plus during the order you pay the $19 you get more off your bill so I usually end up making money off the deal. Full beauty carries a TON OF BRANDS They are even carrying DEMONIA SHOES NOW. THIS IS HUGE TO ME as I have been wanting a some new Demonia’s for a year now. But they do Woman Within, Roamans, Brylane Home, City Chic, SWAK, Sometimes Torrid as Torrid is a Commenity Bank store, which you will know from your WW credit card. Same Bank. Anyhow the sale DOES translate over to Full Beauty every time a sister site does the sale. I went in on the Roamans sale as it was my birthday so my coupon code and rewards plus the $2.99 shipping just made my total stupid low. I am terrified of trying to figure out jeans I do not know how you do it girl. I love it for you. The light wash look amazing on you but I am so scared because I just haven’t worn jeans in a decade and I am still losing weight. I feel like jeans are not forgiving, is that true? Is this new generation of skinny jeans more forgiving? I have NEVER even tried the new generation of jeans. The last jeans I had were JNCO before I gained all my weight and Tripp Bondage pants which were cargo styled and boys cut but I have no conception of jeans at all lol. I am able to take more risks on their crazy sizing because there is no real deterrent to me trying stuff out and returning it. Before full beauty I called them when something was sized weird and usually they let me return it/them for free. They will just activate the return label and not charge you. I always wrote on the sheet I called and was told this return was free because of the weird sizing or whatever the issue was.

Margaret Curtiss says:

Kandy I am with you because just today I wanted to wear a really nice pair of velvet jeans I bought from a woman within clearance sale and could not button them at all. INCONSISTENT sizing as you said!!!

Megan Binky says:

You look so pretty in this vlog

Surviving Depression says:

Looking gorgeous with that blue shadow girl!

jbadseed says:

That yellow top looks great on you. I never comment on your makeup but it is spot on today.

It's Me Brandy J says:

I shop at Woman Within as well.. Love some of their stuff!

Mysha Sarah says:

that yellow top looks really nice. i don’t think i would ever pick out something like that but it is cuter on you than when you just held it up

Sara Jane's Journey says:

They used to be good but I agree their sizing in the last few years are inconsistent. Also their tops seem shorter which I’m not a fan of, they assume all plus size women are short and plump I guess I’m tall and plump lol

Shantel Goode says:

I’ve been wanting to ask this question lol why does your phone say sorry about that? I have the samsung s8 and mine doesn’t say that thanks! Lol

Gerri Petress says:

She can make sails for her boat. Hahaha Fat ass

Javier Loyola says:

Empinada te verias bien rica mamita linda

Maureen Dianetti says:

Just curious. I’m a new subscriber. Is trying to lose weight in your future plans? And the first outfit was the best one. And you’re GORGEOUS!

HanksGirl98 says:

Hey Kandy! It’s been awhile for me. Lots going on. Definitely miss your videos! You’re still as fun and cute as ever! You look gorgeous in this video! Love the yellow tank on you. The blue tank is nice but the purple shirt doesn’t flatter you, IMO. It doesn’t have that youthful look. Hope all is well with you!! Sending you love from NJ!

Cindee Lopez says:

I think your Dia videos are the best clothes! My fav videos

Jemz Davidson says:

Loving the eye shadow colour!

Krissi's Kiss says:

I really feel like I don’t like their clothes anymore. It’s too weird with the sizing.

DarlingNikki2 says:

I really don’t want to come on here and be mean, but I am a plus-size woman who wears these sizes in Woman Within and they are not your size, sweet girl. I wear a 30/32 comfortably in their tops, but I always size up for long sleeve tops because I have flabby arms and I don’t like shirts to cling to me there. I also wear a size 30 in their jeans and they fit me fine, but I think you need to move toward a 34 or 36 for comfort sake. This is not about body shaming, but being real about your body. I wear clothes that flatter my body type and don’t give a toss about the size on the tag; just that the clothes look good on me and are comfortable. I just can’t stand seeing people, whatever their size, squeezing into things and complaining about the fit. If you’re a 16, don’t think that a size 12 is going to be comfortable. Same thing for a size 36 squeezing into a 30; it’s not going to comfortable and it’s not going to look good on you, end of story.

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