What do you wear with Rock Revival Jeans? (Or any pair with a lot of stitching) – [720p] HD

This video will show you how to dress a pair of Rock Revival Jeans or any other pair of nice jeans with a lot of stitching on them.

This pair is the Paul Boot by Rock Revival.

Want this outfit?



Shoes (not shown):


Armando Gerardo Hernandez Paularena says:

how much ???

Marvin Reed says:

I got a pair love them jeans

Gooked Out says:

my stepdad got me 2 pairs yesterday
I didn’t know what they were so unique, so I looked them up and got a surprise lol

Vintage Sponge says:

I wear my TR’s with an adidas track jacket and some adidas trainers!!!

V8 says:

Rock revivals
Black Gucci belt
Affliction t-shirt
Versace sun glasses
Black timberlands

Wacka_man23 says:

Rocks with a white v neck with black or weat timbs with a ferragomo belt or any designer belt looks nice

Brandon Seward says:

havent tried diesel yet. Ill check them out

OG Two Tone says:

Rocks with Cinch shirt, Cowboy Belt, and Square Toe Crocodile Boots

neckisstiff says:

Rock revival jeans are a complete joke in price
Compared to high end jeans in Italy that are
Over $1000.00 for one pair! Bitch please!

TOPO says:

You just got to have that swag to rock them if you aint got no sauce dont buy them you will just look like a dumbass

Tex Rhinestone says:

good video and all but its lol to me 21,477 people need advice on what to wear with their $200 jeans.

M. M says:

Nice Jeans, too pricey thou


Love rock revival, somehow I ended up with about 15 or more pairs, I’ve lost count.

Eddie Abrego says:

I have those pants

curtis joyner says:

How Do they fit ? Cuz when I looked on the website the size chart had Me confused! I wear a size 36 but can fit some 34s size jeans but from the size chart on the rock revivals website had me thinking I should get them in size 31 or 33 or 34 .so what should I do stay true to size 36 or get them in size 31 and hope they fit?

Nasty Loc says:

i wear brown LV lowtops, black leather gucci belt burberry shirt, gucci hat rock revivals


I paid 200$ fa mine and 190$ for another pair

carlos estrada says:

Heyy how wash them to keep de designs clean ???

Rohan Sharma says:

i have a pair of rock revival jeans i need to learn how to dress them up

Bodybuilder X says:

just the latest thing gonna die in a year. I bet people that wear them don’t even like rock

Ray-Ray Mason says:

I wear mines with a polo or lacoste shirt, black north face coat, and a black fendi belt.

Richard Morgan says:

Rock revival are for fags… I can wear a pair of levi.s an get more aura!!!

Arturo Sanchez says:

I wear mine with polo shirt from nautica ( striped one) and to top all of it off I wear boots son!!!!!

Brandon Seward says:

haha same here!!!!!!

The Realist says:

my shit cost >200 when I get mines

prince of power says:

do rocks run big or small or true to size ?

GamerzCove! says:

rock revival jeans
brown Fendi belt
Burberry shirt
Jordan retros

rebel reaper says:

I got mine at dillards in the mall

Tami Carey says:

I love rock revivals but whenever I sit down wearing them the bunch up around my crotch

NovusApparel says:

I prefer Truies , but nice jeans and video

Marvin Reed says:

I got a pair love them jeans

Supreme Jeremiah says:

Wear mine with a Tommy hat and tshirt. With Jordan 1s and a Ferragamo belt

Andy Wafflez says:

nice video check out my true religion collection !!!!!

Addict 2k says:

rock with a polo and a fendi belt

M. M says:

wash them inside out

Addict 2k says:

rock revival,hermes belt, North face windbreaker, and jordan 11 breds or jordan 4 Cement

Quentin Smith says:

When I wear mine it’s usually:
white Abercrombie T shirt or black Under Armour Dri Fit
My Justin Bent Rail square toe boots
My high school flat bill baseball hat
Oakley Flak Jackets

Jay HighLights says:

If ur Rock revival jeans say
Designed in USA
Made in vietnam
Do that mean there fake or real
I need help plz

MrMentalflossed says:

Great video and well done advice,.. so many people over do the  patterns,.. the one exception that seems to  be always  doable is ” a good “affliction ” shirt with a button down roar where the pattern is the same color as the main color of the rest of the shirt ,.. IE: white on white ,.. dark blue on  dark blue ect so it’s “subtle”  worn  unbutton sleeves 2 rolled over a solid tee

Anthony Martin says:

I where them with and american fighter shirt.

ATP Edits says:

Light hoodie, rocks rolled up at the bottom a bit with white vans, great

Lil Kodak says:

Tommy hilfiger shirt
Mcm belt
Bred 11s

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