Unbranded Denim: Black Unbranded Jeans Fit Guide and Review

I really like Unbranded JeansI bought this pair of black Unbranded Denim a little over a year ago (on Karmaloop.com) and have been wearing them for 3-5 days a week since then. I’m pretty pleased with these jeans. Even though they’re not Japanese selvedge denim (these jeans are made in China), Unbranded Jeans are a good bang for the buck, especially considering other pairs of black selvedge denim will cost almost twice as much.

The cut of these jeans is similar to the weird guy cut from Naked and Famous Denim. I have yet to wash these jeans, mainly because they don’t smell yet, I’ll probably wear them as long as I can until they start smelling foul. The black dye has faded pretty nicely, they definitely used to be a much deeper color, now they’ve faded to more of a dark grey.

Available for $79 + FREE SHIPPING at Urban Outfitters:


TheWulfe17 says:

Hey great review, I’m a pretty short and stocky guy and i’m looking for a pair of skinny unbranded! Do you think I should size up or down?

tskitz says:

Did you purchase true to size for your N&F weird guys or skinny guys?

MrOh2specv says:

Buttoning them up is a fucking Bitch! Lol, I’m going on day two, and they SUCK to button… Other than that, I like the jeans.

antonjeu says:

I am same height and weight… Unbranded Tapered fit is perfect for me.

Squats and deadlifts are a staple of my workout. If you don’t shy from leg days, then I wouldn’t shy from this fit.

naavvs says:

steamroller by domo genesis. whole album (rolling papers) is fire

bootsandcuffs says:

Yes, I would still go for the Unbranded’s still. The next price point up would be a pair of Naked and Famous’ for $140+s&h. I really don’t think the extra $40 is worth it, you don’t get that much more for your money.

Krys Fabriquier says:

Great video. I’m working on a pair of selvedge denim from Gap after my Weird Guy N&Fs got ruined. Looking forward to more of your videos.

bootsandcuffs says:

Just measured myself, my thighs are 22″ and my waist is 32″. So take that into account when you see how baggy these are. Definitely need to size down a few times.

ChristianW says:

Can you comment at all to how these fit compared to Levi 511 (rise, thigh, leg, etc)?

DenimJunkieKidd says:

It was great. learned a lot. I’ll hit up my boss and see if he has any pairs for you to review

Geral Gomez says:

However, if you lift a lot, especially, squats and deadlifts then these fit perfectly.  Just depends on your body type.  For mine it works great.

bootsandcuffs says:

The skinny Unbranded fit similarly to the skinny Naked and Famous. My pair of skinny Naked and Famous are my favorite jeans fit wise (I’ll make a video with those soon). I’ll get you those measurements as soon as I find my tape measurer. I just moved, so a lot of my stuff is still in boxes. I have a pretty big thighs and butt for my weight though. For your first pair I would recommend the Unbranded skinny selvedge in indigo wash. You can’t beat the price at $80 w/s+h and they fade beautifully.

Gautam Badveti says:

What’s is the leg opening size ?

Bird Kiwi says:

too big -___-

bootsandcuffs says:

That sounds great, man. Much appreciated

tskitz says:

did you go with the same size on the naked and famous as the tapered? just made a purchase, dont know if i should have sized down.

tskitz says:

Looking forward to the next vid, and sorry for the late response, been really busy lately.
Since I live in canda, the price would jump up by 20$ because of S/H, considering the price jump, would you still recommend purchasing these as the first pair? or saving a little more for some higher tier raw denim like nudie/N&F,apc, etc.? Thanks

artificium says:

aren’t unbranded are made by naked and famous

DenimJunkieKidd says:

great review man, I interned for a denim brand. Our denim isn’t selvedge, but the fit is pretty good and we only use japanese denim. You should check them out, twelveounce denim lab!!

Kevin O'Connor says:

I have a pair or UB304 they are pretty dope. ive been wearing them for 3 months now. do you have any updates on the jeans? you said its not japanese selvage denim but the website says it is, what do you mean its made in china? macau? i think its made there but the denim is still japanese

bootsandcuffs says:

I know man, pretty soon here I’m going to try and shrink them in the wash. I’m a now close to a 32 waist and those are 34’s.I bought them when I was 20 lbs heavier.

tskitz says:

Thanks dude! Just bought em with the cyber monday sale. really helped me make my decision for sizes. Keep the vids coming!

jh12345 says:

What shoes are u wearing???

tskitz says:

ahaha, i feel special that you actually responded to me
now that i see how baggy they are, i’m considering buying the skinnies rather than the tapered.

what do you think? do you have any info on how the skinny unbranded fit?

if not do you think it’s worth buying these jeans as your first pair of raws, or is it better to save a little more and go for naked and famous or something more on the high end?

no homo can you maybe even give me your quad measurements too? i know it’s asking alot ahah

bootsandcuffs says:

That’s awesome man! Sounds like a dream job. How did you like your internship?

tskitz says:

Really appreciate everything you’ve done for me dude. Really helping me make the right decisions with my purchases, much respect.The video with the N&F jeans would be great, I’d surely watch it.
And love the shoutout by the way lmfao, nohomo, first time I’ve ever gotten one on a youtube video I believe. Pretty gnar

Peter says:

dude, those jeans are so huge on you

MlSSlNGN0 says:

they look more like dark grey. right?

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