Trying On TEN Pairs of American Eagle Jeans | Plus Size

I hope you all enjoy me trying on TEN pairs of American Eagle jeans. This video is not sponsored, I just love AE jeans!


Abby Flores says:

I am actually an employee and I’m gonna give you some advice I’ve figured out after working there for a year.

1.) the higher the rise the smaller the size. Most women’s waist go in under the ribs which is where the high rise fall. Because of that most people go down a size to give them a right fit.

2.) when getting the super low rise jean most people go up a size because the lowest part of the waist is the fullest part.

3.) you say you got the long and by the looks of it in the picture the regular length looks like it would do best. Longs only add about 2 inches max to the length and because the fabric was wrapped under the arch of your foot I’m confident you would find the regulars more fitting.

4.) if it is a X4 fit, it will have more elastic in it. That is because the X4 is designed to fit horizontal and vertical. Super stretch has less stretch than the X4 and the new ne(x)t level denim is the stretchiest of all.

5.) if you ever wear them and a hole happens to form in the thigh we will happily return them because our denim is made to last. Doesn’t matter if they are 4 years old, out policy says we must exchange them.

Lystra Siew says:

I would like to see aeropostale serious stretchy. I bought 18l

Taylor Emmons says:

I really like high rise jeans because it sucks your stomach in and makes you look Skinnier

Lala Jhuon says:

Excuse me please dear.
Looking so nice and very beautiful.
Take care always.
God bless you and your FAMILY’S.
I Like your channel dear.

Ava McCready says:

those jeans compliment you very well

Dana Zaccheo says:

i was looking for a video on ae jeggings bc i got the black jeggings and the waist is so huge, glad to see you have the same issue and it was not just my pair

Chynia says:

Are they true to size and what size are you in them?

HelloKaybear says:

I think your shape is soooo cutee and you’re really pretty ☺️☺️☺️

Gerpha Gerlin says:

I also like higher rise styles, since I find low rise to be uncomfortable in the hips/butt area. I’ve been eyeing a couple of AEO jeans that are lower rise (about 8.5 inches), and wondering if they sit super, super low on a taller frame. I’m 5″11.

John wiilie Evans says:

your so thick that ass don’t fit lol

Pretty Silly says:

I’m jealous of your booty! I’m an apple shape. Come check out some of our videos:) That top is really pretty

louise2676375 says:

LOL at the fact that you had to post “not sponsored” in the video box. Girl, you have 400 subscribers–We all know it isnt sponsored haha

julie pretty says:

Nice jeans 🙂 Please also try on shirts, t-shirts and crop tops.

Brandi Champayne says:

Need to try these

Caitlyns VSGJourney says:

Thank you for the video!! I just started buying AE because I always thought I was too big to fit. Just got my first pair of jeans from them and I love them!! I am so into the idea of buying a ton and trying them on to see which ones I like best!! I got their artist flare jean. I am going to be doing a haul video shortly with them and the other pieces I’ve picked up 🙂

John wiilie Evans says:

oh my goodness god dammit

Gerpha Gerlin says:

Do you find certain style of jeans to be thinner than others?

Thanks for posting! I’m also a fan of AEO jeans!

John wiilie Evans says:

OMG yessssss holy fuck

Amy L says:

You look pretty <3 love your style awesome haul 🙂

Aneesa Marie says:

You got a nice ass you better show that shit off girl

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