Sizing is the Worst

I try on 4 pairs of pants and show just how screwed up sizing is. I technically wear anywhere from a size 20-26, depending on the brands, cut and sometimes the pair of jeans themselves.

Lots of people have commented on the fabric, for those who care: the first plus size pair of jeans (size 24) was a medium stretch, the second pair of plus size jeans ( pink size 24) was very stretchy, the third pair of plus size jeans (light wash size 22) was low stretch, and the last pair of jeans (bootcut size 20) were medium stretch.

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wingardium leviosa says:

i love that blue jean 😀

Lauren Mary says:

sizing sucks! especially if u buy stuff offline. I am between a 14 or 18 in plus.

Graveyard Rose says:

I hate shopping for pants

Jose Luis says:

Teen sizes are 0 3 6 9 11 13 women’s are 2 4 6 8 10 12 correct me if I’m wrong I use work retail and I always carried plus size sheets and some teen and women come with bigger number example instead of a 7 in teen it can come in a size 20 and so yeah I just carried a sheet around for the plus size and the difficult number sizing so if workers aren’t doing it right a teen jean can be accidentally put in a women section

Jazzy Fizzle says:

It’s called vanity sizing… it sucks. We will subconsciously buy the brand we fit into the smaller number with. I’m an Australian and I’m a size 18 typically in American clothing sizes. Here I’m more like a size 22 in Aussie sizing. A size 26 here is the equivalent to an American 22. Ive always has problem buying clothes from the USA and they are waaaay too big for me. Then you have brands like Torrid and City chic who make up their own sizes. Torrid being 0-5 and City Chic using XS-XXL. confusing to say the least. People should be more concerned with the fit of their clothes than the number on the tag.

Jc Guate Arse says:

Rika te ves bb

Thai Boxer says:

I love her big booty

Luv2Latch says:

You look so good! I don’t care what size you are, as far as I am concerned your size = Delicious!

Rhonda Kendrick says:

its the material that they are each made with that makes the difference

Onyx Lover says:

Same with me girl, I fit anywhere from between a size 12 to a size 18 it’s so stupid

Gurudath Fcp says:

sand me your number

PickleJar251 says:

I’m a size 34…..inch waist, in every brand. Men’s sizing never fails. Why is women’s clothing sizing absurdly complicated?

Behje Sidi says:


ertan kazaz says:



I like you you come from India?

loke jone says:

what’s wrong with bbw she just want to post this trying to get attention from us by her being big and fat take a bath

Said Graichi says:

salut c’est du top pour moi

Niamh O'Gorman says:

It’s definitely not just a problem with plus sized clothing, I can wear anywhere from a UK 10-14 in jeans (US 6-10) and a UK 8-14 (US 4-10) in tops, it’s insanity

Ajah'Nae Campbell says:

Yes I fell the same why I got to do what you had to do for a lot I got bullied for 5 year and it hurts very bad people don’t know how it feels to be big so then you just stop hating on us

samantha Bell says:

a frickin men. people who called you shady are more than likely the super shady dbags. love you girl! boohoo whiney haters!

Asghar Ali says:


Shannon Nonnahs says:

I hate that u had to make this BUT I freaking LOVE that u did!!!!!

Said Graichi says:

salut c’est du top pour moi

Omar Faruk says:

i Lov you

Anna May says:

Your weight is so well distributed

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