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In today’s video, Ben, from EveryMan Image Consulting, shows us all of the main fits of mens jeans. After watching this guide, you should be able to select the fit that is most appropriate for your body type and stature.

Loose/Relaxed Fit Jeans – Wide throughout the leg and fit loosely throughout. These jeans fit lazily and look lazy too. They give you a square shape overall and benefit no mans body. I wouldn’t recommend these for any man.

Bootcut Jeans – Similar to Loose fit. Slightly tighter in the thigh, but much wider towards the calf area. Great if you are wearing wellies and have aspirations to dress like you’re from the 1970’s. Terrible for anything else. Women mainly wear these, and that’s for a reason. I wouldn’t recommend these for any man.

Straight Cut Jeans – Here we are in more acceptable territory. These are like loose fit jeans but slightly slimmer throughout. There are my choice for the older gentleman who doesn’t want to look too contemporary.

Slim Fit Jeans – In my opinion, the best jeans option on the market for the majority of men. These jeans are more cut to the leg and show off your figure in a good way. They have a more aesthetically pleasing look and can make any guy look great!

Skinny Fit Jeans – These are one of the tightest fits on offer. They are slightly tighter than slim fit jeans. These look great on skinny guys but dreadful on men carrying extra weight. These are my choice for slimmer men.

Spray on/super skinny fit jeans – These are horrific. Woman’s jeans with the ‘mens’ label on basically. They are too tight in my opinion. If you want to look like a stick insect these are definitely the way to go. Not recommended for any man.


Bartosz Olszewski says:

someone better teach this wimp some video making skills

jesse wealthington says:

I agree that some stores do sale atrocious boot cut and relaxed jeans that don’t do the lower body any justice HOWEVER for the sake of my body type, 6’3 tall slim legs with juicy thighs and bum, american eagle sales stylish trendy slim boot cut and relaxed fit jeans that fits my lower body perfectly. It also doesn’t swallow my fancy expensive ass shoes

Football Freak says:


mrgummi bear says:

My mom dresses me improperly. 🙁 I am 16 and I have no say

Stan Moa says:

You look like that one kid from kickin it

Drewan Störe says:

“High-tapered”, with high waist, roomy top & thighs and tapered legs down to narrow leg openings is the most modern cut and also suits guys with muscular thighs, hence the nickname “lifter’s cut”. Check out Japan Blue’s excellent take on high-tapered. Another issue, closely related to cuts & fitting, is the materials; these days, elastane is abundantly used, translating to poor durability and unseemly bagging around high-stress areas. 100% cotton denim is still the best way to go and also the most expensive option these days.

shredix152 says:

I am a dude who is relatively short but I have pretty beefy thighs. So I usually am forced into wearing looser jeans because they can actually fit, any advice on what I can do.

ItzDatBoiJames says:

I came hear to get out of my skinny jean fase

reesy ree says:

i bought relaxed fit levis. i fucked up

Flipodahippo says:

Half the people here are bunch of queers. Also I bet every motherfucker here weren’t wearing fitted and slim/ skinny jeans in 2007. So if you didn’t wear skinny jeans in 2007 then your a bandwagon motherfucker. The cut of the slim taper.

Stefan The Cannon says:

You do not consider different body type, I am a muscle guy and skinny jeans are not an option

BrickCityFilms says:

I just looked up how to make tacos, no I can’t stop wearing skinny jeans

Cytric Mango says:

nigga i got fat thighs but skinny cafs tf do i wear

Isaac says:

Very well explained! A good presentation

Channah Racham says:

What’s the name of that song you play at the end??

USMC K SaVage says:

Slim Jeans are the best

Jorge Porras says:

You forgot to mention Slim Tapered. They fit slim but comfortably on the thighs, but are not loose on the calves like normal slim jeans. Imo, they are the best fitting jeans

булава says:

my legs are very muscular so the slim fit looks really strange on me, it almost makes them look like skinny jeans. but when i try a bigger waist size it’s still too tight around the thighs only now it doesn’t fit my waist. What do?

It's the Batman says:

in my country 5’7” is considered somewhat tall lolol.. im ded when he said if youre shorter such as 5’7”

Benson Lee says:

I’m a short guy that wears 26/28 jeans and I have skinny legs but the problem is my thighs are thicker from track so when I wear skinny jeans it feels fine around the calf but my thighs are squished and look feminine any tips?

All kinds of gains says:

I got a pair of streatchabee jeans that stretch from basically any part of your legs just like jogers. And I must say, I’ve been getting complements by people because they say my body looks really nice and fit. Relaxed, straight, and bootcut all make me look like an obese manchild. I am incredibly happy because of getting those jeans.

Alpha Fairfoxs says:

I wear Flares, and Bell Bottoms come at me bro!

FinFinFTW says:

Chris MD?

edward vargo says:

I love Bootcut jeans! Especially since I usually wear boots if I’m going out. The straight cut are actually quite good as well, and still look pretty good with my boots!!

jayabraham07 says:

hahaha i like the “umpa lumpa” . not sure if i spelled it right..

Shaaf Siddiqui says:


Spence Whitwell says:

if I wore any skinny clothes it would cut my blood circulation off and I would turn purple I’m extremely muscular

Smells exquisite says:

Excellent simple advise thanks man.

nickxcore74 says:

Great video mate, very well done.

Javier Guinea says:

You should wear the jeans that you want to wear, and dont give a fuck about what others think.
You are a fucking idiot.
I love skinny jeans and I do find boys who wear them attractive too

FARID1870 says:

Good video! The advice given is thorough n nicely delivered. Unlike the more brash n in your face American ones.

PAX Twisted Fate says:

if you wear bootcut jeans you should fkn kys

Kirby Vang says:

You forgot tapered

USMC K SaVage says:

He reminds me of Malcolm from the show “Malcolm In The Middle”

Basit Manzoor says:

informative and well documented. great work done.

Ed the British Guy says:

I have some super skinny jeans and they look like reguar skinny jeans coz the size it bit big for my small chicken looking legs. I can fit in the girls skinny jeans. It’s hard for me to find any jeans that really fit

skeeter megia says:

I like it that you laughed at the end of saying a guy with paper thin legs wanting to look baggy on spray on jeans

Dreadful Wizard says:

This man knows what he’s talking about.

Anas Eljaoui says:

i really like u bruh great video deserved my subscribtion and thumbs up

AR15 says:

I’m thin and wear tapered skinny or regular straight fit and it looks great and feels very comfortable for me.

Roberto Frattini says:

your video is stereotypical.

Irham Min says:

Very detailed video,deserved my thumbs up!!

Vishal Naik says:

Aye fucko Britt respect for am’s

Juan Trevino says:

i have big thighs but i hate baggy clothes

Whole lotta HOOey says:

I wear boot cut jeans cause I wear boots

siddhant sharma says:

you have earned a new subscriber dear friend. love from india 🙂

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