Men’s Jeans Fit Guide | The Best Style Jeans For Your Physique

In this men’s jeans fit guide video, I showcase each of the readily available fittings and styles of jeans for men. At the end of the men’s jeans guide, I also recommend you the best options for each physique and body type.



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STRAIGHT (Recommended):

SLIM (Recommended):

SLIM TAPER (Recommended):

SKINNY (Recommended):


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zzebra says:

I generally just wear Slim Fit Levi’s 511
Idk they’re comfy and fit nicely.

Jamal Oatman says:

If ur overly skinny or overly big, skinny jeans aren’t the way to go. If ur athletic build, legs and upper body, tends to look much better. However, it seems the more built u are, the more willing u are to try trendy things. The more average u are, the more ppl try to stay away from trendy. That’s just my observation

Jack Demetriou says:

For anyone, you can get the carrot fit jeans from Pull&Bear!

Karl Weinger says:

Please let this skinny jean crap go away.

GonzoDaMan says:

Skinny jeans if youre fat is the way to go

Deklan Kilgoran says:

ROFL, at least here in the USA those “boot cut” jeans in the video are not what we call boot cut jeans. Check out the Wrangler 13MWZ “Original Fit” jeans for pants that people with an athletic build actually wear over a pair of cowboy boots. They are the official pro rodeo jeans. The pants in that video look like they were made by Omar the tent maker.

Also, for guys who don’t have chicken legs, Amazon has their own brand now called “Goodthreads”. They offer four different fits. Skinny….not likely for me. Slim…..still not likely. Athletic…..hmmm, sounded promising. Straight Cut…..yeah likely similar to what I was already wearing.

I’m 6’0″ tall and 210 lbs with a 34″ waist, 27″ thighs, and 17″ calfs. So a pretty athletic build with little body fat. My problem is I don’t want baggy jeans but if I buy a 34″ waist there is no way my legs fit. If I move up to a bigger waist, say 36″, my legs fit but now the waist is comically loose. Hence why I’ve worn the Wrangler 13MWZ jeans for years. They fit! But I always wanted a more tapered leg as I’m not always wearing cowboy boots.

So I looked at the description for the “Athletic” cut and they have a slightly shorter rise on the waist, not a big deal to me. But the big deal is that while they have a classic fit in the butt and thigh, they taper in the lower leg down to a 14.5 inch opening vs the 16.0 inch opening in my usual boot cut jeans. That sounded pretty promising. In addition, these are stretch jeans with 2% Elastane / Spandex.

The verdict? Finally a tapered jean for guys with muscular legs. The waist can be ordered to fit. My thighs and butt have plenty of room. And there is no baggy fabric below the knee. If anything, the lower leg is just a little too tapered / tight for me but it’s not horrible and the spandex helps the comfort. Probably the best fit I’m gonna find without custom tailoring. And I’m not having jeans custom tailored. Also, these jeans are inexpensive. I paid $40 US.

I think this is the biggest problem for everyone. We all have different body types…..short, average, tall, fat, athletic, slim, skinny. It’s tough for manufacturers to cover every body type with off the shelf products.

MuhammadAlejandro MessiCR7 says:

how tall are you mate?

Hendra Hakata4 says:

The most best jeans style cutting trend fashion style for my physique is the loose fit cut and a boot cut,because the way I like the two of these jeans type of the style cutting trend of the shape can fit me as a person with a thicken size of my thigh and my leg.You know why I like two jeans fashion shape of the style with loose fit and boot cut and it is always my favorite special jeans loose fit and boot cut that the product brand jeans that I always wear is Brittania and Snail that I like.The way I see the two of my favorite jeans cutting shape of loose fit and boot cut are very good and cool just like a fashion artist rock singer and hip-hop singer artist back in the era early of 1980s,1990s,and mid 2000.

guguigugu says:

cute twinks in skinny jeans <3

YNE Cell 2 says:

Clearly no one in this comment section has seen a cowboy saying skinny jeans don’t look good

arnav sinha says:

Thanks for considering India

flat cat says:

I said this cuz i feel the bootcut jeans in this video are way to baggy for me

Babacar Coulibaly says:

Slim fit and straight fit will be good for me

Isaac Javier says:

It’s funny: I’m very thin, and I’ve been using skinny jeans for a while, but I’ve always had that thought that I should use a wider cut to “disguise my thinness” (maybe it’s that child’s thought). . . Other people tell me the same thing, but I love how skinny jeans look on me, so I do not pay attention to anyone.

Anshul vlogs says:

I have always prefered regular fit jeans. They look good and are super comfy.

Zaxx 1989 says:

slim taper is the best for current

Honest Alex says:

I wear spray ons because I’m 95lbs and short as hell so spray ons fit like regular skinny jeans and fit me the best

A Random Cat says:

Thanks for the Indian Links!

Lionel Colonelo says:

thank really helpful:D, i just purchased a slim tepered levi’s jeans and its fits real well and not as tight like skinny jeansXD

scoogie oreilly says:

I’m nearly 40, I know my generation would wear more baggy Jean’s and relaxed clothes But all this skinny Jean’s that you can fit your phone and wallet in your pocket is ridiculous. What’s with people showing there ankles?. Absolute terrible look. I would rather stick to baggier Jean’s. Skinny Jean’s look good on women because it complements there body but lads wearing the same is wrong. Put some socks on and cover your ankles looks stupid. Also open that top button of your shirt you want to be comfortable.

Rods Start says:

Skinny the best but for work i prefer staright cut

The Wanderer Of Wessex says:

My main issue as a short and stocky guy is the sagging at the back… If I go a waist size down then they fit at the waist but crush my balls… One size higher and I have to cover about 4 holes on my belt and then the fabric pushes against my crotch :/ its a lose-lose for me

Garvansh Sharma says:


Y D says:

You didn’t cover Michael Jordan Cut Jeans..

Jacob Chavez says:

Thanks, man! Liked and subscribed.

S Stein says:

Great video again. You keep getting better

nballestas says:

2:01 he saw mia khalifa

DRajtify says:

I’ve been looking for slim and especially slim tapered jeans lately and they’re pretty tough to find. Most jeans are definitely either bootcut, straight or skinny. I have straight bootcut and straight jeans, they often look really good with leather boots but the slim ones are completely suited towards wearing with shoes.

Jackson says:

I’m really skinny and skinny jeans look best on me, but my parents refuse to accept anything but loose/boot cuts because anything tighter is “too gay”

gabriel senpai says:

What is the best jeans for muscular calves?
Coz i want the skinny jeans but my problem is my calves

Caoimhín Ó Cáinín says:

Tapered jeans are all over ASOS what do you mean you can’t find them

Topknot says:

Yes slimmer cuts are good at showing off ‘your assets’. The only problem is that the effect is ruined once you put something in your pockets, destroying the line. I noticed that there was nothing in the pockets of examples you showed (except the model’s hands!). We are men not women. We carry things in our pockets not handbags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go for the baggy cuts but it is always disappointing to try on a pair of well fitting jeans at the shop and realise that the wow factor will be lost as soon as you put anything in a pocket.

George Youtube says:

This video is almost as tragic as the jeans featured in this video.

Mario Venus says:

I have short thick legs. Man it sucks.

straightoff 420 says:

Nah my nuts need room to stretch..

Darryl Dixon says:

Levi’s has a great pair of slim taper and they’re not loose in the thigh area. Kind of snug tbh

leohurr says:

You dress like a background character

Sync Shot says:

My Waist size is 33, 32 is bit tight and 34 is too big. While one should I choose??

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