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Foxy Fox 666 says:

I like the 511 and 519 cause im a really skinny guy

Bloke says:

wat abt levis 569 Carpenter ??

teguh handoko says:

how about Levi’s 502 ? can you explain it ?

Migalouch Garcia says:


Buy Jeans says:

Hey all, we have our own YouTube channel too! Don’t forget to check us out on here and at http://www.buy-jeans.net!

Vinay S says:

Bull shit 511 skinny or slim just telling what ever u want..why some jean look cheap

Flipodahippo says:

511 use to be the skinny jeans for Levi’s, but now it became the slim fit. The 510 is the now the new skinny jeans. The slim taper is the best in my opinion, it’s like if the 511 and 501 gave birth. But in the states the slim taper cut is number as the 512 while the regular taper being the 502. I love living in Orlando, Florida. The Levi’s outlet store here are so cheap compare to stores in Europe. I have family in Germany and they tell me that Levi’s their cost more than 100 Euros. While here your average Levi’s only cost about 60 t0 70 US dollars, but since it’s an outlet store it’s always on sale. It is harder for me to buy a pair of Levi’s full price than it being on sale. No wonder why tourist here buy a crap load of Levi’s.

zee zoo says:

Difference between 501 and 504?

Azhar 9 says:

from uk

Steve Davis says:

What about some comfortable baggy loose jeans?

Draco Jensei says:

Some levi don’t have number

RENE_SF says:

Hi, i bought the 511s but they are too tight around my thigh . Wich pair do you recommend?? Thnx in advance

David says:

Howcome I cant find the 522 anywhere? Not even on the Levis website

Marco Chamorro says:

very beautifull

DarkHor$e says:

This is very useful, thank you. The 511 are my fav. Just a question though, does 511 also come in regular fit? Because I remember seeing ‘511 regular fit’ on a website. Could be a mistake on their part.

Carmen Quezada says:

algún número para poder información gracias

Laxman Bishowkarma says:

i love it

Martin Markey says:

I bought a light blue pair of 504’s today. The only way I could describe them is; they look like something out of the 1950s. I love classic jeans. I’m not an athlete build either like is says they suit in the video. The stitching on them is top quality and the denim is quite thick. I like them. I own over 60 pairs of jeans.

Vinay S says:

Worst fitting jean brand levis 511 will be sifferent evey time when u buy,but i like some shirts of levis so my killer combination is levis shirt + Gas jeans

AsapAndy19 OTF says:

How do I wash my Grey 501 Levis?

srgadjon says:

I like Levi’s 513

25superawesome says:

511 are my favourite very comfortable stylish fit

kyra wilburn says:

im confused on the sizing im 5’3 and a size 3 in juniors so what sizing would i get in the waist and length? should i get a 25 in waist and and 30 or 32 in length in the 711 skinny jeans??

Munikicks tv says:

The 510 are my favorite

Nig BKD says:

Does low rise mean they sit slightly below your waist?

M.L. H. says:

I should be in a Levi’s commercial. My sweet niece is with me on my day off and I took her for a pretty quick shopping trip ” “QUICK”

She believes I should get with the new tighter , Rhinestone jeans , I guess… I be like “No Pretty”.. Only one brand and one brand only. You can sell me on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else but this and shoes.

Austin Davis says:

What jean would you recommend for a farmer and or a lumberjack aka someone who cuts wood and stuff all day?

ChidoriXØ says:

Were are the 505’s?

Miklós Kecskés says:

Hi! Which one would you recommend for a more “formal” office working environment to wear with leather shoes, a shirt or even with a tie? I am not a skinny type but overweight either, i have a couple 501s, just looking for something more formal. Thank you!

Tom Revitt says:

which is slimmer 522 or 511

Ipad Air says:

522 good but i cant buy it… only in usa? I live in germany.

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