Levi’s CEO Says Don’t Wash Your Denim

Denim aficionados claim you should never wash your jeans, instead freeze them once a month.


gerardo lopez says:

I wash my Jeans like every 6 months and the Color still look as Awesome as when I bought them…

Ged M says:

now I know the reason why my black denim turn to faded blue and looks ugly


How to remove stains…

Br M says:

I skate in mine and wash that shit straight after fucking disgusting

Josh H says:

Lighter jeans are better anyway

Commander Shepard says:

All that pee back splatter

Hanzala Seid says:

i didn’t from last 8 months

Ronnie donnie says:

levi’s rubbush, they are the original jeans well the 501’s , but the last pair a had it said made in poland when i thought the saying was nothing more american than levi’s so i took them back, Ron u.k.

Sandy Wichmann says:

What about the chemicals used to dye the jeans? I don‘t want them on my skin..

Mrlistenandlearn says:

Disgusting ! I wash my jeans !

고냥이가 아니고 돼냥이 입니다. says:

Oh come on!! CEO Crazy! I will wear a rotten smell of pants for a lifetime, and meet a Woman & Girls.
It will be unhappy and terrible forever.
My 502 is now forever BYE! R.I.P!

Zebgoraja Holyhell says:

I have tried both washing and not washing for a few years and my results are that they get weaker faster not washing them so I wash my jeans because I could care less about looks I want to use my jeans without them falling apart as long as possible

Sudip Das says:


Matt McPherson says:

Who doesn’t love residual swamp ass and nut sweat?!

Gary Pierce says:

It’s true. Your jeans you pay $200 or more for will last longer.

Zeeshan Nasir says:

I didnt know that 😀

Grand Master Pimp says:

If u want to preserve all your clothing wash them in COLD and dry in Medium heat for 20 minutes. I have jeans that i bought since 2003 still looking brand new because of this trick.

Mrawesome40 says:

Now you know the main cause of aids and herpes

Abady M G says:

So Hayley Williams smells like butt.

Grand Master Pimp says:

Realy bad publicity for Levis co. This ceo is crazy punk.

Mohak Londhe says:

I don’t want jeans, cuz I never wash my clothes


No thanks I like mines washed where it shrinks to the perfect fit size & loses its color faded look is what I like too much color makes it look fake like I spray painted it.

Fruitarian says:

This is advisable for models and rich who doesnt do anything to get sweat

Ahman Ahm says:

No thank you.ill wash mines every week.

IT3 Z says:

Guess they want to lose sales. I buy new jeans when mine start to fade. I’d rather do that than not wash because of fading. That’s just too funkified. lol

Ben Grimm says:

Gross people

Thomas Sliger says:

I wear Levi’s because I work in a welding shop. They are dirty after one day. Real world, real work, real jeans.

beaudaxx bear says:

Of course you wash them….what kinda slobs wouldn’t?

Krishna Teja says:

Come on Americans! its just BS!! Wash’em.

Tyrone E says:

I have a pair I beat up (put those in the washing machine) and I have a more dressy dark wash that I send to the cleaners maybe twice a year.

M.M Inc. says:

Damnnn I’ve been messing up my denim jeans all this time

xcaluhbration says:

Haha……. NO.

Hugh G Wrection says:

Crotch rot

Max R says:

Screw that, that’s gross, i’m washing.

jopimp14 says:

When I do wear my jeans. I only wear them for no longer than 4-5 hours or less at a time. And then when I’m done. I turn them inside out . And let them air out outside on a hanger for like 30-2hours. Depending on the weather. And when I do wash them. It’s by hand in cold water or soak in cold water. With a little dark liquid laundry soap.

Damion Mascoe says:

Nasty Ass

The Deamon says:

Of course ppl who don’t do labor are gonna say no need to wash. I wash my shit once a week.

jl T says:

this is plain stupid. unhealthy, disgusting. if this is the case, dont buy branded jeans anymore. buy cheap ones and wash daily. through away once faded..

Shaik Anees says:

I wash my jeans once in 6 month

dyy Fethiiyhn says:

Sad when people are tricked in the world and jeans TV wants to talk about

Chris Gill says:

Once I was making out with a girl and I made her so wet her jeans were soaking. She looked like she pissed her pants. Guess she was supposed to let them dry and carry on in order to not spoil her jeans.

MissVintageLA ` says:

what if they’re vintage like 90s jeans??

Barry Huffer says:

So what about my denim gstring? :/

Rob Roy says:

Why wear jeans ???? If it’s the cost buy haggar pants they cost the same or less look better, feel better, more give for bending. Jeans are for kids or losers who wear them like there going to fall off lol. I used to wear jeans but I got a job. Plus if you are going to need tough close for work wear overalls they are made for dirt just wear any old clothes under neath then change to good clothes when finished. Just seems like you all would rather smell than buy the proper clothes to wear.

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