How To Look F*%king AWESOME In Jeans | 5 Secrets For Denim Domination

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* Special thanks to Anson Belt for sponsoring this awesome video and for making incredible belts!

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses how to dominate in denim! Amazing jeans make a man look sexy, irresistible, and rugged. Here are the secret how to look awesome in your denim!

1. The length – you don’t want bagging and bunching around your ankle because your clean lines are broken as well as you look shorter. You can have them hemmed if too long (wash and dry 3 – 4 times before altering). If you don’t want them to shrink, wash in cold and air dry.

2. The rise – it’s belly button to the crotch. If too long or low, a lot of extra fabric will be in your crotch. Too short makes a camel toe. Go for mid-rise.

3. The width – thinner in the leg is Alpha’s choice. Try a slim fit. You need to taper slightly to the ankle.

4. Pockets – look for clean pockets without ‘butt bling’ and embroidery

5. The wash – non-distressed, dark washed jeans look incredible on everyone, and you can’t go wrong with this wash

To accompany your awesome denim is an awesome belt. The best belt in the history of belts is the Anson Belt. There are no holes, only a track with micro-adjustments. Alpha has not worn another belt since getting his at StyleCon. He’s order many more since then. They add style to your jeans… to your wardrobe! Alpha demonstrates the strap and buckle then how to measure and cut to customize.


Mr. McGee says:

Total denimation.

Noel Lucero says:

How to stylish to small hight?

TheLittlebird956 says:

Pick up a pair of Naked & Famous Denim fuck the pre worn/fade bullshit.

Gamecaster1 says:

Glad he mentions about they shrink about an inch once you wash them. Thats my problem about choosing length because i dont want to get too big but you have to compensate for the shrinking. Thankyou for your vital videos alpha.

johnnyboy lovin life says:

O your talking about mexican jeans with the bling.

Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52 says:

2:02 Correct me if I’m wrong. When he says the rise being too long or low. Technically isn’t low rise shorter than high rise? Therefore too long can’t be low at the same time?

Robert Cordero says:

You know what doesn’t look fucking awsome while wearing jeans?
Wearing brown leather loafers without socks.
This guys a joke.

bharat indoria says:

Definitely not for people constantly getting under heavy barbell. Muscular thighs, slim waist and muscular glutes. Finding a good jeans is always a challenge for me.

Gaius Caligula says:

Just buy chrome or gold chrome tipped web belts.

Kayla Galley says:

Where’d you get that shirt that’s a boss shirt I love it

renge miyauchi says:

30,32,34? do you not have 31,33,35 in america?

J.Lethal says:

Gay as fuck….faggot

Alexis Acevedo says:

Does Anson belts are long enough for the plus size hotties like me?

Ono T says:

The word rugged and loafers with no socks don’t go together. It’s just douchy.

autofigure says:

it would be pretty cool if you made a subscription box with a bunch of style stuff in it every month.

sukhjivan singh vangian says:

Do not use sexy word

kyle stivers says:

How to look like a fag in jeans.

kiri hopley says:

If it’s a secret and u don’t want any one to know why have you put it into a video that gets put into thousands of people’s sub boxes

saugat Jr says:


Just Teh says:

I nailed the “hay heeiee Hooooouuuu” after Tiege hanley

Tim Lumber says:

I’m telling you all, Levis are out of style. True Religion is the only way to go.

Bithika Datta says:


meandmyfriends999 says:

Im a tall guy with a big ol swingin schlong who loves to wear black jeans and I’m always so self conscious because it looks like i have a perpetual boner. Now I know I gotta look into jeans with a different rise length. I mean, not that I go out a lot anyway, but hey.

Hula's Insanity says:

I thought it was moose knuckle?

Chet Shultz says:

My ass looks good in athletic shorts, but when I where jeans it looks very flat. I wear Wranglers, what would you suggest?

Dillon Nolan says:

In the BUNDLES what is the point of having 3 belts with only two buckles

azman m says:

If you have a beautiful body, do not worry about what you wear, it will definitely make you look great.

Ricardo Lopez says:

Awesome information !!!! Thank you

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