How to get HOLLISTER Jeans for $20 !!!!

Hey guys! This video is a jeans haul ! I also show you how to get ridiculous deals at you’re favorite name brand stores, just like a did ! My birthday was last friday, I didn’t do much but I have a few clips to share for you guys ! I hope you enjoy !

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TheHollister140 says:

i have a platos closet here where i live in texas

Platos closet   

Nix Cock says:

I like you i’m from german but i understand you<3 love you

Katerra Watkins says:

did you go in girls Hollister , because the size stopped at size  15 ? I need help . I wear a size 15 in Arizona jeans  juniors so what size would I wear in Hollister

Becca Lyn says:

Platos closet is in Georgia and Tennessee too


happy birthday! I found a pair of chinos at Hollister for $11.64!

raziya perry says:

just trying to figure out if she blended any of her make up …….

wallflowerist says:

she is so pretty , thank you and your face looks so cakey girl fix that no offence

Hannah Gurl says:

I habe two Jeans from hollister for 14,99€ = 17$ because they were on sale and we bought clothes for 150€ and it was sale action that you get 40€ off if you buy stuff for 150€, so we got them for 14,99€

Pentagon is my oxygen Breathe if you agree says:

In my country, the jeans are only 10-16$ and it’s comfy asf
A tee for 3$ dayum! If americans were to come to my country they could spend only 100$ and carry out a big bags oh clothes

Monet Jenkins says:

U pretty

Ingrid says:

So how did she get the jeans for $20?

xandreaaxmtzzxforever says:

Happy early birthday its 12:50 am where i live

Patricia Dobbins says:

I have the 2nd pair

debra corrica says:

I like boot cut and flare jeans! Thanks for the 411 ! Keep it going.

Karen says:

Im 33 yrs old think I’m too old to shop at Hollister :(… I love their jeans they make my but look good lol 🙂

hunnyelle says:

I’m a size 1R to be specific lol I have long legs but the 31 length is good enough so I don’t get 1L

Manjit Deol says:

stop looking at your self when recording!!!

Marina Butenko says:

Pls talk faster, like i was sitting here trying guess the fricken words that u were saying…. Looking like u was droolin

Twice on Sunday says:

Sooo pretty 🙂
Hi, My name is Nneka I’m somewhat new to to YouTube ….I came across your video and I really liked it 🙂 your doing a great job….. please take a moment to check out my page give me some feedback… and if you fall in love don’t forget to subscribe i guess ill see you next time… xoxo new subbie

Beach Babe says:

Trying to figure out if you’re 15 or 25 lmao you look so young !

Lucas Reis says:

How do I buy on the Hollister website?
I ask why my purchases are being canceled.

Sparia Fitz says:

You’re so pretty<3 ^^

hunnyelle says:

how do you choose the sub size online? for example like I’m 25×31 which is a size 1. but 24 and 26 are also size 1 so where’s the option on the site to buy the exact size you want? I always been nervous to buy one of their jeans online because what if they send me the wrong subsize 🙁 sorry for the dumb question but I really don’t know :-/

Skyplex Music Production Lcc says:

Big booty girl lol !!!!

Itzy says:

You’re so beautiful! 🙂 <3

Emiliyah Klys says:

how old are you?

Joselyn Gomez says:

Do you live in Texas? Because I thought platos was like a local thing xD

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