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Subhan Alam says:

simply excellent

Guy With The Nose, Saskatchewan says:

I’m a large man 310 lbs (used to be 375) 48 inch waist size. Am I wearing the proper style when I buy relaxed fit?

smokey deazy says:

thanks mr Antonio ,very informative. keep up the good work .. just wanna ask, do you know what type of jeans that Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters wears in their live session from studio 606 ??? one of my friend said it is skinny and some of them said it is slim fit, now i’m confused .

Vikas Bangera says:

hello sir, please tell me a perfect combination for a jeans shirt.

vodkamartini says:

How to buy jeans that fit? Is it just me or is “Try them on” or “get your size” too dumb of an assumption.

Marlon Stevenson says:

How about go by the store try them on then pick your fit then go home and order online?

Loukas Stylianou says:

Hello Antonio. First of I would like to congratulate you about your successfull journey in youtube. I think it would be useful if you make a video for style of men in their mid 20’s

Mr. Harun says:

Antonia v. Aaron: DAWN of Style!

Nami John says:

Hye..i wanna ask u some opinion. What size that should i wear? 32 or 33. My weight is 73 and the height is 174 cm.. Size 34 is big enough.. Help me

Leevi Lehto says:

antonio’s antenna

Mike LeDrew says:

What do you recommend for a man with very large muscular calves? I don’t have exceptionally large or muscular thighs or butt, but my calves have always been very large proportionately and most jeans feel and look too tight in the lower part of my legs well fitting right through the thighs and butt or they fit fine over my calves but are more baggy in the thighs and butt.

Yellow Blue says:

I have been skating for a year and a half a wear baggy jeans I bought a pair of stretch skinnys their the shit

ssvishnov says:

What are some good alternatives for jeans and chinos?

xumairx says:

excellent and to the point video.

Seven4life says:

very good.

Pandion Fx says:

Learnt many things… great video. Thanks

Walid Soliman says:

Hi Antonio, what rise is best suitable for 5.9” height, and a little overweight (90 kg) with little tummy just for your information? i am confused whether i should go for high-rise or mid-rise! pls advise, thanks

Martin Romans says:

32X32 is what we would call square pants . I was 32×32 now 34×31 🙂

Danny MacDougall says:

This video was so helpful. I learned a few things which will help me in my next purchase of Levis in the next few days.

noor37130 says:

I always find it a hassle to buy my jeans/trousers.

Then, I came to a conclusion which recently proved wrong.

Oky, I am 6’1 (184cm) and I usually buy trouser 32R and jeans 34L. While wearing jeans I prefer one or half break which looks better than quarter break in trousers.

Recently, I bought one 34L jeans which was way too long which was strange because 34L jeans always fit me just below the angle or at behind my foot. So, I compared it with other 34L I had and it looked bigger it looked like 36XL.

So, my question is exactly which is perfect trouser, the bottom layer touching just above your ankle, at the ankle or below the ankle and are trousers made with measurements because I have two trousers 34L and 32R and they both appear the same length.

Elaine Wall says:

Thank you so much, I love the mens 560 comfort fit but notice most store do not carry them. Your tutorial helped me out so much. Thanks again.

Patrick Morin says:


Malcolm Morgan says:

Thought you were going to talk a bit about the different materials

Syed husain says:

how to fold the legs of the jeans?

Videoscord says:

how to buy jeans online and how do I know outseam length of jeans my height is 6.6 ? please reply pls kindly reply my general trouser length is 48-49 inch please kindly reply

NewGen Art says:

thank you

kojikiro07 says:

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tfranc347 says:

No idea why people like low rise jeans. They’re so uncomfortable in the crotch area. High rise all the way

Shankar Bm says:

A neat way of selection

MrApplewine says:

The only way is to made to measure. Nobody makes jeans exactly like I want.

Ahmed Ragab Ahmed says:


holdem5180 says:

i knew almost everything, but thx for the refresher course…..

chakib k says:

I am 32, slim and have always worn straight high waste jeans with longer rise. I never let fashion prescribe to me what I should or should not wear. I wear jeans that suit me. Your talk about different jeans styles is informative clear and professional. Thank you so much

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