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Kaitlyn Cruz says:

Why is everyone hating on her tho

Melanie Hoe says:

Your hair is so nice sissssterrr

Random Turt says:

yo girl is gaining a lil’ weight so she headin over to 0 town what the heck???

n u t o n t h e c a r p e t says:

lord farquad lookin ass

jose brito says:


Charon Daniela says:


Miriam Bash says:

Sis that shits from 4 years ago except for a few things. Ew lol

Oliver Christie says:

Your eyebrows really don’t fit your face. Idk if they’re too big or too instagrammy or just because it’s so done up but the rest of your face is basically bare

Ryan says:

2:58 sweety, shavvveee

Eli Smith says:

I’m 13 and a 00… how is that possible

Jeysel Salgado says:

you talk to much

D A says:

You look like your going to be a teen mom soon bc you literally act like someone who would hookup with like 20 guys

maggalolG says:

5:40 Is actually me with leggings and jeans likeeee yesss

Milka Lopez says:

I don’t see why people hating on you

Samarityanin says:

Пиздец ты урод

Brittney Peña says:

Does anyone else get cardi b vibes

Michele Xoxo says:

What is the name of the jeans that are you favorite????

Oliver Christie says:

Yikes everyone came for you in the comments :/

Felicia Herrera says:

I thought it was going to be new clothes

Grace Medina says:

Honnneyy your sasss so fakeee

CheerMaster Disaster says:

Those eyebrows gotta go.

Jose Alvarez says:

I swear thats a man

SaltyLife says:

i really wanted you to try on the jeans since i’m a 00 too. i’m much skinnier than you but i don’t know if they’d still fit like crap

Karen Walker says:

Her voice makes me want to cry and the lighting is terrible

rose k says:

Hey, just some friendly girl to girl advice be yourself I feel like you are a different person then what you are showing us…anyways good luck on YouTube!

Allie Harris says:

i came here to see the skinny jeans. and you didn’t try those on lmao

Ryan and Erwin says:

I thought this was a try on haul..

rosalie mericanzo says:

She prolly is 00 I’m a 0 and I have her body type except my body is more hourglass figured she could just have a small waist with big thighs

Arianna Martínez says:


Paige Nicole says:

Girl you not a 00. Just be comfortable in your body

Terrell Da god says:

I bought 19 shirts at hollister today

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