Embellish Biker Denim Review

Embellish NYC Biker Denim
Cop: http://bit.ly/1KzaZVk

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Naheem Niles says:

are they cut small?

Brandon Robinson says:

I’ma size 30 in pants I weight 128 5’6-5’7 should I go true to size or up a size ? I don’t want them to be too tight or too loose !

Chris Roque says:

im 32 in pants so should i try to do 34?

Shengjie Ni says:

im 5’7 about 145 lbsm should i go 28 or 30? 

Josh Tran says:

how tall are you? btw I’m like 5’9 and was thinking on getting true to size 30 waist also since i like the skinny leg look more. 

Sergio Moore says:

These are dope. I’m about to order some now

Ty Christopher says:

good looks on the video bro

ccolombiachicks says:

Im 5’8 grabbed a 32 and they were tight at the bottem. Would i drawl getting a 36?

NickiHuevos says:

Fresh bro!! Just picked up my first pair today tired of joggers lol

massive says:

these are dope jeans, i wish embellish would make some with out the rips or flannel under but still a very dope jean

Justin Lo says:

Hey bro I’m a 34 but it’s so complicated because some jeans fit tighter than others.. Like Levi’s I’m a 36 but other jeans I’m a 34 should I go with the 34? Or will it be way to tight?

beaztmodejones says:

These pants are so damn cheap, $140 is a joke, got mines sent them right back, they couldn’t even compare with a pair of nudies I paid around the same price for, these are just for looks, quality is mediocre in case anyone wanted to know. Balmain jeans are $700+ because you’re paying for quality not just looks.

pooch4664 says:

Dope vid , question … if it’s 34 waist does it also mean the length on them will be the same? Please help


lucky… lol its all sold out unless i magically slim down to a 28 waist in 5 secs lol. Great pair of jeans

HeyiTzBaByFaCe says:

Embellish is a dope ass brand just wish I had $150 to drop on jeans lol

brandon harris says:

Do they have a store in ny?

Leaders By Example says:

I usually wear between a 38-40 in jeans depending on the brand. I’m 5’11 220. I’m scared to get the 40…what u think? Don’t want them to be hella skinny just slim fitting

Keondre Gaddis says:

How long does shipping take? @elevatedike

ReGalaxy says:

I’m 6’0 about 170-180 and have bigger thighs and I don’t want them to be thick on the thighs or waist and I don’t know what size I should get

Rodolphe Felix says:

Careful…I wear them too but my first pair ripped like paper the first time I tried it on …. had to return it. Dopest jeans but not great quality IMO

Turbo8286 says:

Are they tapper down all the way ? I like to cover the tongue on my shoes for example my sk8 his. Are you able to do this with these biker jeans or not ? Thanks

Jonathan Julia says:


Pierre Carrrie says:

Awesome T shirt, Who makes it??

Du'Sable Lewis says:

great pants ….but the shoes are a no go

Shifat Sean says:

I Fit From A 32-34 in Joggers/Denim, But For Embellish Brand Do I Go For A 34 Or 36?
I Like To Have A Wide Waist With a Very Tappered Calf And Legs Down To The Ankle.
Thank You So Much

Anthony Contreras says:

Bro check out hyper denim Los Angeles they have biker pants for under 60$ good quailty too

teddytubetee says:

Say nice review but do any one know the song that playing in the background

TME Reeves says:

what kind of air max’s are those?

Kenneth Kramer says:

I normally wear a size 30 in my jeans but I’m wondering if i shud go 32 to be on the safe side. What’s your opinion?

Lewis Sullivan says:

I’m 6’1″ size 36w, would I be good Cus I really want to start buying this brand

Christian Ferrari says:

Where Can i Get These Instead Of Online???

julian banks says:

Sorry about asking if it is a dumb question but if I wear a size 34×32 what size pants should I get because I am unfamliar with size chart posted on karmaloop

jno1lilno says:

do they have any spandex in them? because I want a tight fit

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