Cheap Monday Jeans “Tight OD Black” Skinny Review

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Nate Wong says:

yeah or 31 should be okay i think

charmyoe says:

there’s some 34w x 32l up on ebay uk

BlueWindTv says:

lol i wear 30w 34 long,

fallosean says:

there is fake of this one???

Nate Wong says:

@uwhat0507 I bought a size up because my size was a bit tight

Nate Wong says:

nah cause they are skniiy jeans

fallosean says:

it is fake?

Nate Wong says:

5’9 mate

Nate Wong says:

my waist size is 30 and i got a 31

Nate Wong says:

i would say yeah but the best thing to do is try them out

R/D Production says:

Where did u buy them because I need some black skinny jeans to go with my supra tk red carpet

charmyoe says:

Just copped a pair off fleezybay for 30 quid

Nate Wong says:

dont think so

Lukethis says:

3% polyester and 97% cotton! 😀

Xz Xz says:

Does this one feel “elastic” because of the 3% spandex?

Nate Wong says:

5’9 bro

Nate Wong says:

@Mawkiis about 5’9

Thomas O says:

Any gray or black skate shoes. Vans, etc.
also Converse is good.

j zap says:

I agree 520s are good,for athetic thighs…..

The cheap monday jeans are very good too,juat like he said get a size up and ull be good because they are 2% spandex

WOAHtheyNICE says:

check out my jeans reviews!

? says:

are these tight od black or the core. cuz theres like two versions 😛

Nate Wong says:

@crazyhair1231 I picked them up from karmaloop, you can use my rep code SKR on their site for 20% off

Nate Wong says:

yeah i havve worn them with blazers before, sure ill try and make a fit with the jeans and the blazers soon

UnexcitingChris says:

Whatever you like -_-

fallosean says:

should get a size up?

Mark Carter says:

How tall are you?

Der Hasenpfeffer says:

those do not look like skinny jeans….

R/D Production says:

i need black jeans to go with the supras tk red carpet

TheWulfe17 says:

Got my first pair just recently! The brand is actually Swedish.

Nate Wong says:

sorry couldn’t help you on this one cause i don’t own a pair of there skinny jeans

Daniel Platee says:

How does the sizing go on this pair? Whats your true waist size and what size do you wear for this

Nate Wong says:

just a little bit i would say

anthony wade says:

beautiful jeans I love mine tight

fallosean says:

bro, made in??? coz im going to buy one but, the seller told me that it is send since asia

Alvi CHen says:

i have really big thighs. or they loose and wide on the thigh area?

Bob H says:

I have pretty big thighs as well, I’d highly recommend Levi 520s, they are a really good fit and are really comfortable, loose on the thighs but tight below the knee, they look great and are a dream to wear, I would definitely check them out, pretty expensive though.

Nate Wong says:

nah they dont stretch that much tbh

Daniel Gillison says:

hey how tall are you? I was wondering because i was going to get these jeans and I like the way they fit you and I wanted mine to look similar. Please reply

Xz Xz says:

Ok, are they still more elastic than a classic jean?

christian gxnzales says:

Dude, can you wear this with the Nike Blazers Vintage? If possible, could you do Fit of the Day with this jeans and Nike Blazers Vintage. :DDD

Anthony Arias says:

Hey where do u get those at?

TheCardboardGuy says:

Thanks, very helpful!

Nate Wong says:

@TheTaco1314 100% real mate

J Suarez says:

the 31/32 is Length or Waist?

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