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Hello dolls,

JEANS, JEANS, JEANS! I though I would share some of my fave plus size jeans with you guys, what are your faves? Like, Comment, and Subscribe 🙂



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One of my favourite stores:…


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DietrichsLover says:

the black ones suit you

Daniela Herrera says:

They look really good on you

Ana Castañeda says:

When your belly it’s bigger than your ass hahahaha shame on you

Savage Kock says:

.52 sec mark… skinny jeans ?? lol

tayannex says:

i hate seeing you upload because of the amount of hate you get. it’s disgusting. good for you for having the courage and confidence to put yourself out there. people aren’t “worried” about you and your weight, they just want you to feel bad about yourself. you can’t have one nice comment without 10 bored negative people looking to tear you down. it’s truly unbelievable and is why the world is in the state it is in. please don’t listen to these people. god bless you and happy holidays.

Rooster Metal says:

Please stop


I wear sweatpants everyday because I hate feeling restricted especially when I wet something

Katie Bennett says:


Mango Smoothie says:

instead of buying jeans why not buy some DIET food!!!

DietrichsLover says:

Not sure about the 2nd one

Lisa Brand says:

Ewwwww every day for the past four months you been wearing those jeans?

Savannah Duncan says:

Your story times are so fake and why do your legs crease like that it’s no weird and you have no butt and double chin for days ever thought of becoming vegan

Keniona Jones says:

It’s so refreshing to see someone who has a shape similar to mine! All of the jeans are beautiful on you!!

Nikki Jaymes says:

You paid $110 for a pair of jeans that need to be hemmed? Yeah, no.

Sarah Kennedy says:

This girl is BEAUTIFUL…. there is something so seriously wrong with the world in how certain people feel the need to judge her, call her names, constantly body shaming her….its disgusting… unlike all of you trolls she has the guts to actually make videos and get out there just being her… she is’nt behind some computer screen wasting her time hating on others for no reason she is inspiring and being a role model to everyone no matter their size!! My god…like a girl is just tryna help others out in finding a pair of nice jeans.

Ebeny says:

The comments on this are absolutely fucking disgusting

Jessika Sanders says:

I need new jeans

Chloé M says:

I will love to know how tall are u!?

rent4517 says:

You look so good!!

Aynsley Foren says:

All cute!

Kassie says:

I love Levi’s

Natalie Tirado says:

Ignore the haters. You’re so beautiful inside and out and the jeans look great on you!

Anna says:

she has two asses

demi lee says:


Rebecka Sellven says:

I haven’t watched you for a while but have you lost weight? 🙂

GingerGilligan says:

Regarding “shapewear”, you can’t fit three pounds in a two pound can. The fat is still there and has to go *somewhere*.

Csherman42wallabyway says:

Boyfriend jeans if your boyfriend is Boogie…

Lil Benis says:

new sub

Im done says:

so many dickish people in the comments wow

Ingrid Micson says:

I don’t have cnfidan to wear jeans

Emily K. says:

I normally LOVE your videos, and I to am plus size…however something seems strange in this video ??? Are you wearing shapewear? I can’t pinpoint what it is, there is a thigh gap (which I’m not knocking I sooo wish I had a thigh gap haha!)

94KX says:

She may be chunky around the legs, but those jeans fit so tightly against that ass, I’d smack it all day long

Mango Smoothie says:

those black jeans are HORRIBLE!!!!!!

No Name says:

tanning routine!!!!!

the two gamers says:

being plus size honestly does make it really hard to find good fitting jeans

Alexandra RR says:

She has more ass in front that her actual ass

Mango Smoothie says:

what do u weigh?

kat r says:

How are those black jeans quite big on you? They look like they’re a perfect fit.

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