Are your expensive bootcut jeans out-of-style? Hate skinny jeans? Try this…

Thank you for watching our introductory video. We (MPAS) straightleg your out-of-style bootcut jeans and give you a custom fit for your favorite dress shirts. To learn more, go to, place your order, ship your pants and/or shirts, and get them back in 8 days.

Don’t trust just any neighborhood tailor with your favorite pants and shirts, go to the experts at Be careful how you alter double-stitched jeans. 95% of jeans are double stitched either on the inside or outside of the legs. That’s why this kind of alteration is not easy or cheap.

Our highly skilled tailors focus on these specialty alterations and won’t make mistakes with your favorite pants and shirts. Use MPAS and you will love your pants and shirts again.

If you have been victimized by the fashion industry like us, you have 3 options: 1. let your expensive bootcut jeans rot in your closet, 2. sell them for about $25’s, or 3. Straightleg them. Feel free to consult other tailors and come back to MPAS anytime.

PROMOTION: The first 50 customers who use MPAS and writes a review on will have an opportunity to be be in our future Ad Campaigns. So, act fast.

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Adam says:

wait did he turn asian

John Bryan says:

Hi Kinoptika, I just noticed your comment. Thanks for your for your feedback and I apologize for the late reply. Yeah, I agree $40 is steep, but our straightleg service is $25. Shipping is extra at about $6 each way, so the total cost will come to about $37.

Periodically we will provide free one way or discounted shipping promotions so keep checking back.

My friends, let’s put our old favorite expensive jeans and pants back to work and stay in-style with today’s slimfit look! Cheers.

solblackguy says:

I’d rather just wear what the fuck I want. When you start sacrificing comfort to try abs look cool, something’s wrong.
Besides’ this guy looks too goddamn old to be worrying about some skinny jeans.

John Bryan says:

Bootcut jeans are out-of-style?

jamezbond78 says:

skinny jeans are for skinny gay guys. If you’re a real man where your straight or boot-cut jeans. don’t care what other people think about your jeans. Just wear what you want, but remember….you’ll look gay in skinny jeans.

John Bryan says:

We at MyPantsAndShirts agree, Tight is Alright! Based on your comment and video list, it’s clear you’re a big fan of the skinny jeans. Non-baggy straightleg jeans and pants are also a good alternative for those who don’t like the tight. Thanks for your comments.

Grace Byun says:

thanks for fixing my pants steve.  i love my jeans again.  good luck to you and your business. 

John Bryan says:

i agree, skinny jeans are not for everybody. straightleg jeans are a good middle of the road style, in between the skinny jeans and bootcut jeans.

Rebekah Frain says:

yes skinny jeans are JUST for skinny people and NO bootcut jeans are not out of Style!!!

John Bryan says:

Skinny jeans are for skinny people?

Steve Byun says:

Part 2 of 2. I’ve uploaded our launch party video if you’d like to check it out. It’s called “Launch party for …. “. It was one of the best experiences in my life so far. I find it rewarding to help people with solutions to problems big or small. Try us out, you’ll love your old jeans again. I certainly do. I have straightlegged 5 of the 8 pairs I had sitting in my closet. I figured I saved from $500 to $1000 and it’s like I have 5 new pairs & I wear them all the time & get many compliments.

Alex123 says:

I have really skinny legs, so when i wear skinny jeans i look like a skeleton

Keith Gaines says:

Boot cut is out. Straight and slim is dope!


एक बार फिर से मार्केट में बुट कट jins आना चाहिए

John Bryan says:

Sorry for the late reply Rebekah, I just saw your comment. I tell you what, I will provide you with free return shipping if you try our service, just because it seems you have many jeans you could straightleg. I live in NYC and no one seems to wear bootcut style jeans anymore. Where do you live? Try our new store in NYC near Penn Station, if you want to do a drop off and save on shipping cost both ways. Feel free to call me, 773-220-5077, if you have any questions. Cheers, John.

jksp33 says:

skinny jeans are not for everybody. Boot cut jeans are not out of style. Some people with thicker legs don’t look good in skinny jeans and better with boot cut. I can wear both but yes I do have too many boot cut jeans which I prefer to have some skinny jean instead.

Steve Byun says:

For either of these cases, a pair of nice straightleg jeans might work out perfectly. Straightleg jeans is a good middle ground between the skinny and the bootcut.

Rebekah Frain says:


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