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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com http://www.aaronmarino.com and http://www.peteandpedro.com, talks about the two perfect pairs of jeans that every guy should have in his wardrobe. 2 perfect pairs of denim is going to ensure that you always are looking great and have the perfect pair of jeans to pair with your favorite outfits.

Jeans are the most versatile item that you own in your wardrobe. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that every guy needs a great pair of jeans. A guy’s wardrobe needs more than one pair of jeans, however. Every wardrobe needs two great pairs of jeans.

1. Dark Washed Jeans – very little to no distressing (predistressed with whiskering (creases) and fading in the thigh). Raw denim has no discoloration or fading. The dark washed jeans are dress up jeans. You can add dress or nice shoes with dress belt, button up shirt, v-neck sweater, sports coat. Boom! You polished up that ‘denim diamond’!

2. Mildly Distressed Lighter Washed Jeans – casually cool perfectly paired with tee shirts, Henleys, hoodies, driving mocs, and sneaks. How much distressing is too much? You should have mild distressing- no holes or frays in these jeans.


Matthew Smith says:

are levis 511 good?

Dale M says:

I found the gap jeans to be very thin and rough as well as poor quality. Wouldn’t recommend. American eagle has good quality mid price range jeans.

Poy Valle says:

Thank you man I appreciate this video!

thejack483 says:

Dude I watch all your videos

JLConawayII says:

“hug from grandma” Probably not the direction I would have gone with that analogy.

Nicholas Fitzpatrick says:

I think you should just distress them yourself. more rewarding

Bill Beerstein says:

You need three jeans, dark wash, jean shorts, and mildly distressed jean.

Papa Zulu says:



Man the best tutorial for denims loving it much love & support

saby8765 says:

I happen to replace the dark wash jeans with a black/navy corduroy 🙂

Olivier Gonzalez says:

Alpha this is great stuff! Much love bro! God Bless

Dillon Vossen says:

what a total douche…

Pranjul Kumar says:

What about Denim shirts? How to get the perfect denim shirt?

Alba Tross says:

They have EVERY pair of men’s jeans. Some even starting at $7…UNBELIEVABLE EVERY DAY SALES. Come see these amazing varieties http://rest.ebay.com/epn/v1/find/item.rss?keyword=jeans&categoryId1=11483&sortOrder=BestMatch&programid=1&campaignid=5337728266&toolid=10039&customid=aj1&listingType1=All&lgeo=1&feedType=rss

Bithika Datta says:

GET YOUR BEST DENIM HERE https://goo.gl/Aoz5cX

John Witherspoon says:

Is 130 dollars for jeans too much?

ChestyMD says:

I own 2 darks, 1 medium and 1 light wash. I love my darks, eps for dress up style.

JuliusCaesar500 says:

Do I actually have to spend money buying distressed jeans or can I just run some jeans over in my car a few times?

Padawan Padawan says:

Just my opinion but RRL jeans are the best. Typically $300-$500 but they always go on sale. Cheapest pair I bought was $79 & the most expensive was $140.

Brett Ratcliffe says:

This dudes awesome

Christian Caymares says:

You’re such a sophisticated Bro. Still, I like your videos. Thanks

Steve says:

All I buy now are Levi 541’s. Loved diesel but the legs and ass all seem to be for skinny people and not people that lift. The waist will fit me good but the quad area is where they are super fucking tight.

varun009 says:

My personal belief is that jeans should never be “distressed” unless it’s because of your own use of them. It just looks gay and rather retarded as well. I like clean navy jeans with an orange stitch and copper rivets. Classic as it gets.

Jason Forman says:

Great video. Good advice simplified!

Cassius Marcellus Clay says:

where could i buy that darked washed jeans

Pina Allan says:

hey guys, how are jeans suppose to fit on a guy exactly? and any recommendations

PapaGeorg10 says:

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy jeans and a good brand?

Satvik Jha says:

have alpha have tried us polo its fitting is awsome

Jonathan Hernandez says:

This dude knows his stuff! Tips taken.

Brian Potts says:

Question, what is a good brand of double monks that won’t break the bank ???

john vandiver says:

You do really good videos

Ak Na says:

Sexy blazer man

Carlos Rodriguez Guerra says:

Dark whased jeans or dark jeans???? What i should buy?

Fellmonger says:

Jeans are meant for both formals and casuals. So, quite an applauding video to aid the men.

Daniel Johnson says:

Alpha how often do you wash jeans and how do you do it?

ttop64 says:

What is your take on leather jeans? Also I have a favorite pair of Rock Revival jeans that I recently wore holes in the crotch. They fit well and look great. Should I repair them and keep wearing them or should I just throw them away ?

Kevin Jewell says:

Factory distressed jeans are TACKY…I buy the dark rinse, or raw jeans and then let years of wear and tear fade them to my body, and shape to my lithe limber legs…if Americans would stop over eating like starved pigs set loose in Willy Wonka’s, then there would the distressed, acid washed, faded, whiskered jeans would have died with the mullet…Nothing is sexier than a jean you’ve worn to rags over 20 years with a leather jacket!

Harry Waddington says:

I hardly ever wear denim jeans because cotton chinos and slacks fit so much better and are cut far better than denim. What are your thoughts, Aaron?

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